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  1. 23rd May 2021 - looking forward to that. Hopefully with the vaccine rollout and summer kicking in, we will be back to a state where we can get back without too many worries on the 23rd. Be great to get back to the tables and buying books and comics etc again, I so miss it (buying on auction sites etc is just not the same)
  2. Sunday 6th December now .... strange that, clearly the October one was a non starter. I am assuming the next comic mart will be sometime in 2021 but I still hope it will be in December
  3. Disappointing about the August 23 rd as I was really looking forward to that. I had assumed you would have the event. Bit concerned about the 4th October, going to get closer and closer to the winter and the probably "second wave" ... hopefully it won't be cancelled again. I suspect ebay etc is doing well from comic fans at the moment
  4. Hope the comic mart will be open on the 23rd August, especially after the Government will have allowed the open of non essential etc (not that I consider comics ever non-essential). Looking forward to the event - hopefully it won't be reduced to a soulless experience by all the rules
  5. Thank you for confirming the event is on - I must admit, I always end up cleaning my hands repeatedly during the comic mart via the toilets upstairs (as well as the other toilets in the National). Additional resources will always be welcome !
  6. I assume the Sunday 16th event is on - what with the storm Dennis about to strike on Saturday / Sunday. Hope if there is any change, please put the information on the front of the site - not everyone checks the forum for any updates.
  7. Would love the same ... outside of London and the transport on Sunday is pretty dire.
  8. Thanks ... didn't realise there was a change so went to the hotel as normal (as did a number of others) and there was no sign up mentioning the alternative location. Not everyone has internet access (or checks the forum, it could have been highlighted on the main page ???) Olympia is a little bit further out of town than Russell Sq. A bit of a waste of a journey. Hopefully the one in December will be on at the normal location ?
  9. Notice that your website still says the next show is 4th February - I assume that the 6th May show will be on ? Andrew
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