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London Comic Mart Dates - 2019

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The dates for all of 2019 have now been announced:

Sunday 17th February

Sunday 7th April

Sunday 12th May

Sunday 23rd June

Sunday 18th August

Sunday 6th October - cancelled

Sunday 1st December

As usual, admission to these events at the Royal National Hotel is free from noon - "Early Bird Entry" from eleven o'clock costs £5, if you want to snap up some swift bargains... though not every table is fully open for business then. You may want to check the http://londoncomicmart.co.uk website for any last-minute updates, or further details. The Royal National Hotel is within easy walking distance of Russell Square underground station, and not all that far from Euston and King's Cross main line stations, come to that. The official closing time is 4:00pm, or when the dealers run out of stuff to sell... 

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It's a joint event now - still with all our favourite comics dealers, but with added tables full of Funko Pops, for all the upcoming dates.  Judging by the most recent mart, there are some rare Funko Pops, and some good multibuy deals to look for too... but the comics side hasn't been cut back.  Hopefully people who come for the Funko Pops will be tempted to buy some comics, books, dvds etc while they are in the Galleon Suite.

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In case you are following this thread, I should mention that the October 6th Comic Mart can't take place at the Royal National Hotel, as they are having ongoing refurbishment/repair work done there.  Instead, while the date stays the same, we've been relocated to The Pillar Hall over at Olympia, just a couple of minutes from the Underground station.  The hotel should be back to normal in time for the December event!


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… And I've just edited the original post here.  To quote today's Facebook post:




The next Comic Mart will be taking place at the Royal National Hotel on December 1st.

Unfortunately the October 6th Comic Mart at Olympia London will no longer be taking place. We apologise for any inconvenience - however, after further consultation with our comic dealers, and feedback following the announcement, we feel this is the best course of action to take.

We look forward to seeing you all back at the Royal National Hotel in December!



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Thanks ... didn't realise there was a change so went to the hotel as normal (as did a number of others) and there was no sign up mentioning the alternative location. Not everyone has internet access (or checks the forum, it could have been highlighted on the main page ???) Olympia is a little bit further out of town than Russell Sq.  A bit of a waste of a journey. Hopefully the one in December will be on at the normal location ?

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Yes, we'll be back at the Royal National Hotel on December 1st - it will be interesting to see what changes have been made to the place.  I intend to go along to a paperbacks 'n' pulps event there this coming Sunday (nothing to do with Showmasters), so will report further if there are any delays or problems.

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