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Aliens Photo Ops on sale now

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showmasters    4,976

New Photo Ops added to the online store! We are pleased to announce at Film & Comic Con Glasgow we will be doing a Aliens Trio photo on Saturday 19th August with Colette Hiller, Mark Rolston & Jenette Goldstein, and a Aliens Duo photo on Sunday 20th August without Colette (as she's only appearing one day).

For more information and to book tickets please visit www.filmandcomicconglasgow.com

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RomeroSavini    343

Ahhh wonderful :-) sadly I am only there Saturday, so will have to do Mark and Jenette separately as I got Collette a while back. Wish I had been going Sunday now for the duo shoot. Next time!

Still lucky you lot anyone going for them :-D

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