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Latest Guest Announcement - Chase Masterson


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Latest Guest Announcement - Chase Masterson

Autograph/Photoshoot Price: TBC




The Specials
Moira Murphy

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (TV series)
Leeta / Emony Dax

Acapulco H.E.A.T. (TV series)

Sliders (TV series)

Live Shot (TV series)
Sheila Rydell

ER (TV series)
Mrs. Phillips

Digital Man

General Hospital (TV series)
Ivy Lief

Married People, Single Sex

Robin Hood: Men in Tights
Giggling Court Lady

In a Moment of Passion
Tammy Brandon


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yes same here as soon as i heard booked my leeta photo shoot

Can't wait to talk to Chase again thou i'm running out of things for her to sign

but can always maybe get some more "big finish" audio stuff signed.


she is such a sweet heart, kind, open and friendly person ,a joy to be near.

A Star Trek (or any con) would not the same without her,

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