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Kate Beckinsale

Lisa BSG

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Who would like to have Kate Beckinsale at LFCC? It would be AMAZING if she was booked for LFCC! My 12 year old son would love it and would make a fantastic 13th birthday gift for him to meet her!



*****EDITED by Moderator Team - Hi Lisa, I'm sorry but I've had to edit this post for the reasons Reylenth mentioned, discussion of other events is not allowed on the SM forum.

Edited by StuartG2198
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Hi Lisa, you might want to edit your post - it is against the forum rules to mention other conventions/signing events. You can make a guest request and say that they have been at other events but you cannot give the name or any information that makes it obvious which one it is.


On that note, I'm sure there would be a lot of happy people if they did get Kate.

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