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This guy was amazing! He was hilarious - him and Daniel Portman were lethal together! I was as red in the face as my top was. But that's because my mobility scooter took a life of its own and careered into Daniel's desk and almost killed the lad sorting his stuff on the floor. They kept calling me out for being a danger! It was so freaking funny, everybody was in an uproar, including the showmasters crew!

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I am so with you there. When he was announced - I fan girl squee'd! I knew I had to meet him and was only supposed to be going Saturday. But hubby said I could go both days if I wanted, so I did! Then decided to make it more worthwhile by getting Chris Judge's auto and photo on the Sunday instead of Saturday as planned and then Daniel Portman got added, another squee and of course made him Sunday and then Amanda Wyss too! Fantastic weekend, like I said, they were lethal together and I have never laughed so much in my life. If he came back next year, I don't need his autograph again unless I was getting it for someone else, but I would definitely get his photo shoot again for sure and just go up to talk with him. He kept saying to me, come back and join the party!!! If you're bored come back to us and just chill and talk! Great guy!

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