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Latest guest announcement - ANTON LESSER

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We are pleased to announce our next guest for CMK21: Anton Lesser


Appearing: Sunday


Autograph/ Photo Session Price: £10








The Musketeers (pre-production) - The Homecoming ... Émile De Mauvoisin


Endeavour - Chief Superintendent Bright


Game of Thrones - Qyburn


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - Lord John Carteret


Primeval - Gideon



CLICK HERE to see his full filmography

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What is it with GOT guests on a Sunday?? Surely they would love to take in a nice relaxing WEEKEND in Milton Keynes? :crying: Ah, think I have just answered my own question there. Bring a shed-full of the cast to Cardiff in the winter instead. I am sure they would love it :angel:

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