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Party Themes Announced!

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Friday Party Theme:

Daniel Jackson's Off World Archaeological Dig ~ Includes Artifact Hunt & Prizes ~

Daniel needs everybody's help with this expedition as he travels from one world to another to collect rare artifacts.




Saturday Party Theme:

US Airforce Intergalactic Ball

Join in on the fun at the US Airforce Intergalactic Ball where we have an open invite for all races from all planets!




Sunday Party Theme:

SGC Staff Night Out

Everyone needs a break every once in a while, including our favourite Stargate Command Staff. Now is the time to sit back and chill out!

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I'm presuming you're female, aplogies if I'm wrong lol


For the dig night you could have brown shorts a white vest top and walking boots, maybe a sun hat?


Saturday night, as it's a ball you could just wear a cocktail dress if you can't afford the uniform. Or have a short navy pencil skirt and white blouse, you could make the little ribbon around the neck and just forgo the jacket if you can't find a suitable one.


For Sunday a nice little black dress.

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