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It's always funny when people say Ms. Headey looks nothing like her character in GoT. Of course that's true but I've been a fan of Lena's for a few years and it makes me laugh if GoT is the only show they've seen her in and assume she's blonde.

It was bizarre for me to see her blonde when I first saw her in GoT!


Lovely photos though, everyone! Lena was absolutely lovely when I met her but I have my own special reason why, heehee :')

I felt like (and maybe it was because it was her first time at a convention) that she was a bit reserved (?) and a little quiet, she stayed very close to, who I think was her partner (but I think I'm wrong), but I definitely agree she warmed over the weekend and became much more confident. (Of course that might be my own judgement and I might be completely wrong xD)


Love the photos of the Man in the Hat! Such a great idea and nice to see a pic of lovely Chrissy Chong

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that guy thats in primeival, never seems to smile lol


Funny thing with Andrew is when he was talking to you at the autographs and when he said hello to you at the photo op he was all big smiles, but yeah doesn't seem to like to smile for photos - sadly. Adore his dimpled smile!

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