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  1. I'm excited, but I also hope it's nobody I want to see as I'm broke, haha
  2. If I miss the first Hayley Atwell shoot due to the queues outside, is it ok to attend the second one? Tomorrow that is
  3. I'm coming from Euston, is it ok to get a tube from Earls Court to Kensington still?
  4. I'm thinking to cosplay Sailor Mars tomorrow but I'm afraid my costume isn't good enough and I'll look a right lemon. Also a bit worried about walking in heels all day haah
  5. Hey Is there a clock room to leave your bags in at the con please? Thanks
  6. Slightly random question but hows the air con? I hope it's not as boiling as last year!
  7. Agreeing with thank god for batch two! Was checking non-stop and popped out for an hour and of course that's when it goes on sale haha
  8. Even though I can't afford whoever it'll be, I'm excited to find out!
  9. Hi, Thanks my ticket number for Nick is 46 (or something like that) and Chad is 6... so hopefully both morning ones will be ok!
  10. Hi Sorry if this is a silly question but I have photoshoots with Nick Blood & Chad Coleman tomorrow, both of which clash and both have 2 shoots.. How do I know which shoot I'm supposed to go to? Is it by ticket numbers? Also do you think it'd be possible to do both morning shoots? Thank you
  11. Rough guide: 400 tickets per hour. This is still on old tickets, so yours should have a number. So depending on the ticket number and the length of the shoot you can about figure out if to go to session 1 or 2. I have Nick Blood and Chad Coleman, they clash a bit so I was just checking. Nick's is number 45 and Chad's is 6.. so I should be ok to do both their earlier shoots?
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