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Nicola Bryant......kinda hot!

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Jesus....i remeber Nicola ....20 years ago and shes more gorgeous now!!!!


Purple vamp....you were lovely too.....saw you there but didnt say hi!!


Not a chat up line.....happy boyfriend and dad but you do look like your Vanp pic..Cathrine Keener .through and through lol


I will say hi next time i promise.......



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I loved what she was doing for charity! Such a nice idea, I'd totally do that if i was famous


what was she doing?


If you wanted an over the table photo with her, she wa asking for a donation to her two charities. As much, or as little as you wanted.


The charities were The Samaritans and Great Ormond Street Hospital.


We only had one person on Saturday who made excuses and didn't bother coming back.

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thats a nice idea, id never know how much to give though


still it seems on the forum not many got pics with her :-(


is see matt has like a hundred with hugs, dont know how he does it the great posses or hugs he gets, or affords it lol ;-)

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Nicola is really lovely!!


It has been know for me to utter the phrase "I love her" on more than one occasion.


Here are the pics I got with her at the event, she's signed her favorite one :borg:






I've now met her three times, she just get's nicer each time. Roll on Dimensions in November!!

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