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  1. It's David's character from Much Ado About Nothing Yay, someone recognised the outfit!
  2. Here are my pics :) Facebook Pictures :) Meeting David Tennant Awesome Weekend!!
  3. Woohoo! You must have been one of the 51 people who actually knew what I was dressed as!
  4. My feedback - simply awesome, great event! My full thoughts are on my Blog Day One Day Two
  5. What can I say about DT. He was simply amazing. He met and exceeded all my expectations! I was worried about meeing Mr Tennant at an event like this as I was worried I'd be rushed through and miss out on the while Tennant experience. It was simply awesome, I was able to spend a good couple of mins chatting to DT. It was epic. I'm glad I went in the Benedick costume as well as it was a talking point for me and DT (he was one of the few people to know what I was dressed as!!) Brilliant experience and well handled by the crew. Words fail me for how great an experience it was!
  6. I have no clue as to who it could be. I would be very, very surprised if it was DT and even more surprised if it's Chris... Matt Smith could be a possibility, but hey, anything's possible...
  7. Awesome, she's a great guest. Really nice and really chatty. Met her and Kyla once before and I think they are both fab. I second the request for a Photoshoot!!
  8. Nicola is really lovely!! It has been know for me to utter the phrase "I love her" on more than one occasion. Here are the pics I got with her at the event, she's signed her favorite one I've now met her three times, she just get's nicer each time. Roll on Dimensions in November!!
  9. Hey Rob!! It made me smile that when people mention 10 you think of me As i'm a muppet i didn't actually get many pic of me (this seems to happen to me a lot!!) If anyone did manage to snap me, i wouldn't mind seeing them Below is me
  10. aside the tenth doctor is it? the tennant cos player who got a fantastic georgia one she is similar in most pics ive seen from this and any other event, she likes to politely holding her hands stand and smile but her smile comes across sorta mid smile in some of the pics lol, she is lovely though but in her over the desk pics she smiles much more ive noticed Here are my two pics of her, she's lovely!! In the first she is smiling but not fully, in the second it's a full smile, i like the second much more (plus i got to have a hug, yay!!) And better late than never, below are links to my pics CM:MK- General Pics Pics and Auto's - Not all from MK...
  11. A story worth repeating for many years to come! Definately!! Is it obvious i have a little crush on her?? lol
  12. When i had my second pic i looked at Georgia and simply said "i've got two pics with you, is it ok if i can have a huggy one?", she looked up at me, smiled and sweetly replied "go on then" She was awesome and stunning, when i walked out of the shoot my legs had gone to jelly!!
  13. Inset group shot here Left to right - Leeann, Matt, Tim and Jemma
  14. Hehe, it's on my list to attend
  15. Awwww - I wanted a hug too!! Great pic though I had two pics done with her, the first was a normal side by side one the second was a cuddle was so glad i got it!!
  16. It's official i'm now blushing!!! Thank you for all the kind words Was an epic weekend!! Below is one of my favorite pics If anyone else has extra pics of me i'd love to see them.
  17. Georgia was awesome, so glad i managed to meet her Managed to get a lovely pic with her She also said i reminded her of someone she knows hehe
  18. My only regret of the entire weekend is not getting a photoshoot with her. She was awesome!!
  19. I'm up for having a get together and i know a few others are as well Going to Xscape sounds like a plan to me (admitidly my bowling form has been poor recently so less said about that the better ) Be god if we can get lots of us to all meet up
  20. I'm going to guess (hope/wish/pray) that it's David Tennant. I don't think it will be but i can dream can't I
  21. Lol, I find, and I know that many will agree; I saunter, I swan and i most definately Swagger!!
  22. I'll be there sauntering about as 10 for the weekend
  23. Epic You guys were awesome at CM:L look forward to getting another pic with you
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