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Golden Sunrise


Bella watched – captivated - as the sunrise danced in Edward’s ocher eyes.


Too occupied by the blending of colours before him, he didn’t notice that his wife’s attention was elsewhere.


“Beautiful.†He murmured quietly, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe it was real.


Bella smiled.


Over a hundred years old and he still isn’t used to seeing the splendor of a simple sunrise!


Her smile grew as he leaned forward in subconscious longing to be closer to it.


“Yes, you are.†Little diamonds were beginning to dance across his skin as the sun took its first, shy peak of the day from behind the horizon, and Bella found she was as spellbound as she was the first time.


“You’re not even watching!†He replied, a smile evident in his voice and on his face when he finally turned to face her.


“I am,†Bella replied adamantly, eyes glistening ‘I can see it in your eyes and it’s much more beautiful.â€


Obviously not expecting that response, but pleased nonetheless, Edward collected himself, before running his knuckle reverently down her cheek as he had when they were in the very first stages of their relationship; as if she were still so delicate.


Had she still been human, she knew they’d be burning and by the look on Edward’s face, so did he.


“My beautiful Isabella,†He said; the lilting tones of his voice like a silent caress “Still so shy after all this time.†His smile, as crooked as ever if not more charmingly so, grew, as Bella diverted her eyes to the landscape before them in a futile attempt to escape his scorching gaze.


“It’s your fault-â€


“For being so dazzling?†Bella eyes widened before narrowing with mock disdain at Edward, who sat there with his disarming smile still in place.


“Yes,†Bella’s answering smile was wry “As always you seem to know exactly what I’m thinking before I say it. Maybe you’re not letting on as much as you know.†A small laugh escaped her lips.


“Bella, my love, I assure you, I just know my wife very well…†Edward’s smile grew “And after a few glimpses into your complex female mind, everything I thought I knew was simply confirmed.†Bella turned her gaze back to Edward; looking him straight in the eye.


“So you know I love you, without me saying it?â€


“Yes,†Edward lifted Bella’s pale hand “But it’s nice to hear all the same.†Her answering smile was heartbreaking and to Edward, all of a sudden the sunrise didn’t seem so spectacular anymore.


“Forever,†She said softly, as he placed a gentle kiss on her palm




-Wynona (16) :blush:

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Aww, almost made me weep!

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So cute! I realised part through reading it that I had my head on one side in that "awww" way :P

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