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  1. Jodie.rawr

    Fanfiction competition.

    I think the prize was something from the dealers room. And They shortlisted to about 10 entries before the con and then everyone at the con voted for the winner :)
  2. Jodie.rawr

    Party theme ideas

    Bring back Baseball, I still have my costume 1920's was a fun one as well :) Bring back Karaoke too!!
  3. Jodie.rawr

    Fanfiction competition.

    So we had one for the first couple of ET's and then there hasn't been one since. Any chance we can get one set up? Would anybody be interested? :)
  4. Jodie.rawr

    Got my ticket......

    Silver 30 for me :)
  5. Jodie.rawr

    Photos :)

  6. Jodie.rawr

    "ET6 Dream Guest Lists" :)

    Kellan Lutz [x] Nikki Reed Anna Kendrick Xavier Samuel Cam Gigandet Billy Burke. I know that's 6... but I couldn't resist.
  7. I literally think I stopped breathing for a while when he was announced. He's been my ultimate favourite guest out of the 5 ET's. October really can't come fast enough for me :)
  8. Jodie.rawr


    Good: This weekend was fantastic, the atmosphere was calm and chilled and for once I actually felt proud to be a Twilight fan. Nobody really hounded the guests at the parties which was brilliant as they actually stayed for longer than 5 minutes. Everything seemed to run really smoothly, I found myself in the right place at the right time and got my photo's and auto's pretty much to the exact time scale of the schedule. The parties were awesome and the music was much better this time. I love the bouncy castle... love it. And the petting zoo was so original. Kudo's to SM. Didn't stay for last nights party as I was so very exhausted. Bad: Not filming any of the footage and simply just putting it on the big screens. I don't know about other fans but I'd like to have some of my memories of the weekend recorded. Being as we can't record ourselves it means that the talks are lost forever which seems very silly. There is very little places to sit down in the hotel and I found that if I was lingering somewhere a steward came and told me I couldn't do that and should go get an autograph or something. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't literally any time I was stood in the autograph room or in the corridor. I get health and safety but I felt some of the crew were a tad pushy at times, especially when I told them I would rather wait to get my autographs at the scheduled time and they continued to encourage me until I felt like I had to do what they said. However, most of the crew were lovely and I'd like to thank them for their time and efforts. And I absolutely don't like the idea of mixing the Twilight con with other events in the future. For me personally I would stop attending. But I'm just one person and what needs to be done to bring in revenue is above what one singular person thinks haha.
  9. Jodie.rawr

    Random. Rpattz signed Twilight book query...

    I've got a signed new moon book by Rob, Kristen and Chris (Director) I got offered £300 for that but I don't think I'd ever sell it :).
  10. I'm 5'5 but I look shorter in my pictures, weird much? haha. I do like myself a nice tall man though
  11. Jodie.rawr

    Latest Guest Announcement - JUSTIN CHON

    Yeah He's definately taller than 5'6. I'm 5'5 and I'd say he's at least 3 inches taller than me. He's such a nice guy as well.
  12. Jodie.rawr

    next guest coming soon

    I bet SM won't be posting a thread with the word 'soon' in ever again
  13. Jodie.rawr

    ET5 Introduction Thread

    Real Name: Jodie Age/Location: 20/ Nottingham. Have you attended any other ET events? Every single one of them. Favourite Twi-guest? Kellan Lutz. Favourite other movies? Peal Harbor, Dear John, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Pretty Woman... Pretty much all the classics. Favourite other books? The Host, Anything by Jodi Picoult, Sarah Dessen or Nicholas Sparks. Favourite TV shows? One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Heartland, Pretty Little Liars, Smallville, The OC, Hellcats. Favourite Actors/Actresses? Sophia Bush, Josh Hartnett, Kellan Lutz, Lio Dicaprio, Ben Affleck, Adam Brody, Jared Padalecki, Anna Kendrick, Kiera Knightly, Jonny Depp. Other interests: Horse riding, Ice Hockey, Shopping. Something interesting about yourself: I work as a Wench waitress sometimes at the galleries of justice in Nottingham. It's so much fun, but the sheriff of Nottingham is a cheeky devil :) Most likely to be found on? Facebook or my iPhone. What are you most looking forward to at ET5? Meeting the guests :) Photo: Right before Bronson called me his Wifey :)
  14. Jodie.rawr

    I am looking forward to ...

    I am looking forward to... 1. Making a complete fool out of myself in front of one (or more) of the guests. Heck, why ruin tradition of the last four ET's where I have managed to do something silly and embarass myself. 2. Seeing friends that I only ever get to see at ET, though I usually find them on the Sunday night as they are about to leave because of how freaking big the hotel is. 3. The bizarre looks from guests staying at the hotel as I walk through the lobby in a baby grow on Sunday night.