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  1. I don't think it's ideal to have people "just wait" to see if something turns up when there is such an air of discontent around the weekend already. People are really stressing that they won't get their Stan Lee autographs. At this point, nothing would irk people awaiting these pre-orders more than finding a refund in their account from SM without any explanatory post before hand. I absolutely agree with the preorder team refusing to answer individual emails as that would take a lot of time that should be spent getting things sent out, but I don't think it's at all unreasonable to expect a post along these lines - ""The guests fulfilled their preorders for the weekend, with the exception of guests B & C who signed but didn't personalise, and guest D who was unfortunately unable to sign the preorders due to time constraints/health/whatever. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment - refunds for unfufilled orders/personalisations will follow asap". It would take minutes to post and cut down on all the calls/emails and posts obsessing over this one thing. The fact that no statement has been made about Stan's pre-orders has led to a lot of people fearing the worst and turning to Showmasters for answers.
  2. I'm with DavidB on this - if you don't want to risk germs, stay home. I can sympathise with being sneezed or coughed on, as that is just plain gross, but to complain about people brushing your arms as they walked past is frankly ridiculous in such a packed venue. Maybe you should cosplay as The Boy in the Bubble next time.
  3. Just to weigh in on a couple of suggestions here - Viggo Mortensen has done a ton of signings over the years. Did Ewan McGregor do book signings to promote Long Way Round? He was certainly scheduled for some public reading events for that book.
  4. Best cosplayer moment for me was seeing Batman and Bane queueing for coffee together! So many great cosplayers this year but my fave was the girl in a corseted Tardis costume (she was in a wheelchair, if that helps identify her). She looked gorgeous.
  5. Do you know if these are made in larger sizes? Have always wanted to scrapbook my collection but scared the autos will stick to the sleeves in a standard 12 x 12 scrapbook. The scrapbooks do tend to be acid-free, but I am still nervous.
  6. I got shouldered out of the way twice, once to the point of struggling to keep my footing. This was just when I was standing looking at stalls, so not blocking the way to trying to get too close to a guest - both times this happened it was by crew in blue shirts. Neither looked back or apologised. The crew I spoke with were all lovely as usual, though. On the subject of getting knocked around - is it too much to ask that people be a little practical with their cosplay decisions when they know they are going to be in such a closely packed venue, or at least be aware that having weapons strapped in a cross on your back is going to make you a hazard? Saw so many people ducking out of the way of clubs etc. And nearly missed my place in the Nicholas Lea photo queue while a group of people manipulated their friend in a black dragon type costume through the doorway to the toilets... I love cosplay, but surely a little thought to the enviroment isn't too much to ask? And as someone has already posted, it's the same with the remote control droids - perhaps a place could set aside for these so everyone gets to see them without them causing the huge gridlock. On the whole the event was great - much prefer Olympia over Earls Court, but I think organisation suffered hugely just from the sheer size of the event. Didn't have any issues with queueing - got there after 9.30ish and we were in really fast. The signing area a the end was a mess - there needed to be some dividing barriers where Anthony Head and Kevin Sorbo was, as it was impossible to tell who was queueing and who was just rubbernecking. And some panels between the entrance to the loos and Mitch Pileggi would have been a good idea - I thought there was a huge queue for the ladies but turned out to be people taking pics of Hayden. Sound in the talks was hideous as ever - we left the Dredd panel as I couldn't hear what was being said. Dropping the lights (presumably in prep for the Dredd panel) was a bit of a disaster as so many of the guests left in the dark were doing over the table photos. I didn't expect after waiting 17 years to meet Nicholas Lea that I'd need a flashlight to see him! Would love to see the event at Olympia again with a few organisational tweaks though - it was a really good day.
  7. Mine is awful too. Way too much background and to be honest, it's a really awful shot of Nick. The photographer commented on my nice smile in the pic so he did look at me in the shot, but evidently not at Nick. Wish Malcolm had been shooting that area.
  8. Seriously? I don't remember being at a con where there has been a language warning and there is more often than not some swearing from guests. I suppose that if this had been a panel for a Disney movie I would say that a warning about language would have been appropriate, but as this is likely to be an 18 rated movie for violence and adult themes, I think it was fair to assume that there would be adult content used at the panel.
  9. Awesome guest. Loved her in Men in Trees and in Bad Santa.
  10. My all-time favourite film, so guests from this are always at the top of my wish-list.
  11. Yes This would make me insanely happy.
  12. He's schmexy. And not just as the Doctor. David Tennant, on the other hand, does nothing for me.
  13. Oscar Wilde is buried in Pere Lachaise in Paris, not in Highgate. I was at his grave on Wednesday. I can't see anything wrong with visiting celebrity graves at all, as long as you are mindful that there may be burials taking place or people close by visiting loved ones. Although I do take photos, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable being in the photo, but that's just my own stance and I have no issue with others feeling differently.
  14. Couldn't agree more. I never make a secret of my geekiness - I'm proud of it. I had my Supernatural stuff set up on my desk the second day I started in my current job - sure I get people teasing a little, but it's all good- natured and some people are genuinely impressed when they're talking about a TV show or movie and I mention that I've met one of the stars. Fandom has given me some fab experiences and brought me some amazing friends. The only downside is the dent it makes in my finances! I'm 40 now and more into this stuff than I ever was as a teenager. My husband attended his first con at age 52, so I don't see age as any kind of barrier.
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