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Charlotte Church is a CRAP TV host!


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The Charlotte Church Show.


Her interview technique was s***! She asks a question, gets the answer then quickley moves on like an interrogation, no proper interaction or conversation out of it, she really does not know how to bring out conversation or personailty from her guests. Bollocks!!!! It was just quick question after quick question.


And Avril Lavigne last night. WTF was that?! Church interviewed some nobody called Lorraine Kelly for about 10 mins first then Lavigne for 5 mins. Lavigne is an internationally well known young female solo pop star, Church is not and in fact was even dropped from her record label. Church didnt want Lavigne to dominate the show with her superstar presecense so granted her only a 5 mins chat, not even promoting her forthcoming album and then Church herself gets up and sings a song, not Lavigne. WTF??!! Was she resentful of her on the show cos she's another young female singer or what??!!

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