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Whats the best software

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I use adobe photoshop to make my initail pics then JASC animation software to put them together.


You can download both from download.com I think.


But if youn like, you could send me the pics and phrases you want in the icon and I'll make them for you?


My email's PhoenixsFire@gmail.com


Phi xxx

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Photoshops probably the best option, but theres loads of other alternative packages available that will do the job.


Icons can even be done in paintbrush, but the quality isnt that good.


If you wanted the icons so be simple, vector based images, the best option would be to do them in Adobe Illustrator.


Animated icons can be done in Flash


It realy depends on what you want on the icons, and what you want them for.




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thanks everyone for all your help. I'm just on the hunt for photoshop which only having windows 98 Im not sure thats possible but thats really helped, so thanks loads :D

Should be able to still use it on that as at university last year we were still using 98 and well I do graphics and animation :D

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thats really strange...i downloaded it and it said i needed windows 2000.


I'll try paint shop pro and see what happens :)

Perhaps because it is the CS version it might need it I guess B)

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Try one of the older versions of photoshop?


Theres loads of packages available, mostly do the same thing, its just that PS is the best due to its clever use of layers.


If your just creating the icons from photos or images try the following link:




Ive not tried it, but looks like it may be useful to you.

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