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  1. Ooh. My video game wishlist: Steve Ogg (GTA V - Trevor) Ned Luke (GTA V - Michael) Shawn Fonteno (GTA V - Franklin) David Hayter (Metal Gear Solid - Solid/Naked Snake) Mark Meer (Mass Effect - Commander Shepard) Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect - Commander Shepard) They've all done conventions before and are usually big sellers. The GTA three did a massive panel at Comic Con NY the other week.
  2. Hi :) My Jenna Louise Coleman and John-Rhys Davies are gonna clash. What do I do?
  3. David Hayter wrote Xmen 1 and 2 (movies) and the Watchmen movie. He would be dead popular, he loves doing Expos and Cons, specially doing the Snake voice for fans. Just youtube it, he does it all the time. Jennifer Hale is a voice acting legend who has voiced not only some of the most famous video game characters (Metal Gear, Metroid, Mass Effect) in history but also Disney princesses. She's been in countless cartoons including Totally Spies, Ben 10, Scooby Doo, Iron Man, Xmen, Justice League and countless more. She was famously Black Cat in the 1994 Spiderman series. Paul Eiding is
  4. Jeez. I'd pay amazing money for the MGS cast. Oh man Jennifer Hale- then I'd want the rest of the Mass Effect cast too. Basically we need more Video Game voice actors at these events. It's a bigger industry than some give credit for.
  5. People point this out after every show and Showmasters still insist on this stone age method. Which is a shame because A) The picture gets fingerprints all over it You have to fight to get to it C) If anything happens to that picture as you leave or if some idiot destroys it on the table, it's gone forever. A digital link isn't too much to ask is it? I'm not being rude I genuinly have no idea. EDIT: Just saw this There are updates coming: http://showmasterson...showtopic=75929
  6. Anybody got their 5 docs pic? I was going to go but I ran out of money last weekend and had to miss out. Want to see some Doctor love! Great pics so far!
  7. Haha, the first CM event I did was my first event. I remember going in Asda with my mum and looking down the isle to see The Doctor hurrying about with a sandwich. Was most surreal. I think Darth Vader was marching about too.
  8. Aslong as you're there when doors open you will undoubtedly meet Karen Gillan. Can't book them so just hope you don't arrive too late.
  9. Met her at LFCC. Debating doing it again. But she is worth it. I went and got a ticket for her autograph at the end of the LFCC and got the LAST virtual ticket they gave out. Some drunk bloke stumbled along and gave me his ticket out of sympathy. I then managed to get in and meet her. I was one of the last 4 or 5 people. Amazing.
  10. Woah woah woah- Marvin AND Vamp? What? This guy has some skills. Worrying neither Pulp Fiction or Metal Gear Solid isn't mentioned by Showemasters above. Clearly his best and most known work, Hope they have relevant pictures!
  11. Woaah, steep price there. Have to think on it and buy on the day. Does anybody know how fast they're selling?
  12. Not sure if this has been raised but nearly every classic doctor in attendance. We NEED a multi-doctor shoot. Specially as next year these guys will be so busy. If only we had Peter! I can't be the only one who would adore this opportunity!?
  13. The bigger guests are announced within a month or less of the actual event. I remember Patrick Stewart at Collectormania was last minute (though it leaked), so was Karen Gillan last year.
  14. Only if they are not busy and there is no queue of fans waiting to get their auto/photo. There's thousands of attendees who are paying to get autos and photos with the guests. Tenant will be very popular and have a big queue of auto hunters who have paid. For the less popular low key guests you might be able to stroll over to them and say hi at their desk...IF there are no people queing. I realise that people who are paying for autographs etc will have priority and I wouldn't want to push into to this. Just wondered if you can see the celebrities whilst they are doing this. Or is it
  15. I've never look at an event and wanted to cry before. There's hardly anybody who I DON'T want to meet. I just can't afford the travel Surely I'm not the only one!?
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