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  1. Well you recognised me ! The guy is obviously taking the pi$$ ! At least Frank Drebin is funny when he posts wierdly ! I've never seen you to recognise you. Of course the guy is taking the pi$$ and I think he/she/it is right too. How many times have you seen a post go up about 'Oh Showmasters we want this person' when a show has only just started airing, like that '4400' post and the 'Blackpool' one. Its ridiculous. I think its okay requesting people that have been in films or series that you are genuinely a fan of but it seems posts spring up on here whenever anyone who even remot
  2. Ill throw him in myself then along with Orlando 'cant act' Bloom
  3. Elijah Wood for the nearest incinerator
  4. This cracks me up. Or she might want a wee and not be able to make it.
  5. Only Liv Tyler, as long as she has non Lord of the Rings stuff
  6. But its nowhere near as good as Back to the Future
  7. Ok this is what I've just been told. Apparently Showmasters advertised him as being at a Kenner show at Wolmsley Hall (?) or something years ago and he knew nothing about it and therefore believes that he was made to look as if he was letting fans down when he wasn't and now he wants nothing more to do with showmasters. I don't know how much of this is true this is what my mate who attended the actual show just told me.
  8. I heard he would never do a showmasters event. He doesn't like them apparently.
  9. 6/10 It needs cashpoints on site. The food was expensive and not a lot to choose from, therefore it should have been recommended that we bring our own grub. It needed to be clearly signposted around Wembley. As there is much construction going on its easy to get lost around there. The Star Wars trailer was a complete farce. Not exclusive and not introduced by Ray Park. This should have been thoroughly checked out before they made such a big noise about it being exclusive. Still sadly lacking in the comic department, this needs to be clearly addressed in future or dropped al
  10. I think they should do something independent of all of those suggestions and just do filmed versions of the Tales from Mos Eisley and Jabbas Palace that focus on the life stories of certain characters before they entered the world of Star Wars. There have been stories in these books on the Rancor Keeper, Greedo, a Jawa, Stormtroopers and they could even go back in time to show why Jar Jar was banished from Otah Gunga.
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