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  1. yeah. it sucks.. and i cant really see the point in not allowing people who are unable to attend refund of resell their ticket, in my eyes thats bad service, im sorry, but thats just my oppinion :) and before someone comments - yes i knew it when i bought the ticket that that is just the way it is.
  2. I agree with you myself205 :)
  3. What if all silver tickets sell out and smoebody wants a silver ?
  4. I am sadly no longer able to attend ET6 (gutted) i have a silver ticket and of course i dont want to throw my money away.. so i was wondering if a resale is possible? - i know you have to sell out before you let people sell their tickets, but it is just not cool to loose that amount of money :)
  5. Yup sure do, and i wasnt really pleased with having her because i dont even know her part in the movie yet. Dont get me wrong she was a really sweet and nice person :) but when I pay for an event i want to see faces i recognize..
  6. I dont think we should get more actors that we have not seen in the movies yet, it way better to have someone we know and have seen before. That is just my oppinion. - But congrats to her :)
  7. i've read them a lot of times.. thats why im not very motivated to do it again, i could repeat eclipse in my sleep
  8. Now thats a lie.. There are maaaaaany twilighters here in Denmark:) Eclipse battlescene sound cool!!
  9. Well there is lot of options, i see
  10. I just bought my ticket. - but I have this problem that I'm not really in the twilight-mojo () because there have not been a new movie, etc for quite a long while now. So, what would you do to get in the mood haha! ?????
  11. Well, i dont think we should get guest that have not appeared in the movies yet.. Not really that cool to get a picture and a autograph from a guy you have no idea about who is ?
  12. newborn could be really awesome too! my top three as follows: 1. Newborn 2. baseball 3. beach party!
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