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  1. Is there one place I can go to get info about guests and dates for the London film fair events as the official site/facebook and this forum all have different guests listed for September and November. I just want a full list so I can try and arrange my bits for signing, I thought the preorder site might help but that doesn't have hardly any guests listed for this event, Thanks for any help you can provide
  2. Wow what an awesome announcement a truly great film and great director
  3. Hi I just want to check Corinne Cléry is coming as she is not listed on the forum but is on the site? Thanks
  4. Any idea when I will be able to pre order for Matthew. been trying for last couple of weeks Thanks
  5. Im desperate to pre order some Franco Nero autographs but he doesn't appear in shop Franco was announced over a month ago and I need to get these ordered asap as I need to ship same items for London film fair, Please advise what I need to do Thanks for your help
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