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  1. Hell yes, please :) Forever begging for this... I'd beg alongside both of you aswell then ;-) And make sure SM does a photoshoot with both of them in one picture
  2. Not even a Star Trek fan myself, however I shall look forward to meeting Jonathan ^^ Keep bringing the awesome guests SM, although its a pain waiting this long XD
  3. Makes one sorry that Pat Morita passed away and one missed him in 2004, but I fully support Ralph Macchio for LFCC12
  4. More Firefly guests SM, I would love if you threw in Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin ^^ Also give us some Battlestar Galactica guests, could we please *big doggie eyes* get Edward James Olmos.
  5. Amazing announcement SM ^^ Already looking massively forward to this show next year :) Feel free to add more Firefly guests by the way
  6. I added Twilight Summer Ball because I thought that could be kinda awesome really ^^ Star Wars (Full weekend), however depends on guests to be honest. If we are only treated to the people who are very common at conventions (no disrespect meant, I love meeting people I've met before and catching up). Whip up something special Showmasters, and I am sure you could easily make this very very interesting And the last was Terra Nova, as that was the only show I was really interested in of the ones listed, and again depending on guests would go for this :) Also, what about Battestar Galactica? Couldn't that be done? And if not, what about combining that with maybe Star Trek like it has been done with Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones? That would mean the audience were a bit larger and the show was more likely to happen?
  7. I'd be pretty sold on guests from Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones or some major Star Wars actors Especially if you bring Edward James Olmos, Grace Park or any other major cast from BSG From GoT I would love Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington or dare I hope for Eddard Stark himself: Sean Bean? Considering we just had Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 3D by the time of LFCC12, wouldn't it be cool to have somone like Ewan McGregor? From other stuff I'd love Hugh Laurie Nathan Fillion Jewel Staite Matt Smith Billie Piper And of course, the ever wonderfull Alex Kingston
  8. Still not recieved mine, but I've sent an e-mail now and hope to hear back soon Edit: Had response withing 12 hours, and apparently I wrote my address and my e-mail very sloppy... However my photo is now being sent tommorow for which I am very happy about :) Also, do yourself a favor if you send in a mail, attach a photo to it. It seems to really help, I was lucky enough to have one from LFCC11 where I wore the same T-shirt as in my Tennant photo
  9. I am not sure about international shipping, and the time it usually takes for these things. But most of the time I have anything coming in from the UK it arrives within 10 days. As I read it they were posted on the 9th/10th (second batch). Since I'm not going to be home friday till sunday I'll let it have a chance till then, If I have heard nothing monday when I come home from school I'll shoot off an e-mail. Hopefully it's just the Danish Postal Services that are slow (though thats not the usual situation)
  10. EMS - What an event ^^ The Good David Tennant - I am still in shock, having met him, and was shaking for minutes after leaving the photoshoot area. Had such a hard time believing I just met MY Doctor. He was super friendly and very polite with everybody. Even when I met him again in the autograph area he said hi, and commented on me coming all the way from Denmark to met him. Big smile, laughing and seemingly having good fun while making sure everybody had a great time. He was everything I expected, and even more :) The Guests - All of them seemed absolutely engaging and wonderful. From I met Sala Baker as the first (who commented on my Lady Gaga iPhone cover during a photo), Evanna Lynch who were an absolute darling, so pretty and welcoming. Arthur Darvill who personalized my autograph, and chatted away with me for a little while. Masie Williams was a sweetheart, seemed like she really enjoyed the event and was very chatty with people. A real star :) And obviously all the Star Wars people whom I always find amazing, a happy fun outgoing bunch, they always seem to enjoy themselves, especially Rusty ^^ The Crew - Very pro. handeling all the way around from what I saw, really helpful the times I needed some help :) I have not a single finger to put on them. A special thanks go out to the lady sitting and selling photoshoot tickets sunday afternoon around 15ish, she let me pay for my photo to be sent to me there with my card, because I was in a big hurry and out of cash. The venue itself - Very spacy, and not so crowded as the LFCC venue. Although it was not so well looking, it was very open and I never felt I was being squished. The Bad The Heat - Its been mentioned already, and I doubt SM could have done anymore about it, but it was getting bad on the sunday especially, and I am not usually one to start sweating because of heat. The stairs/elevator - Wow, I was kinda shocked at how bad this was to be honest. It was a nightmare to get out and in later after the event had opened. The Talks - Wow, some of them were really bad soundwise, even sitting on the 3rd row things could be troublesome to hear from time to time. It somewhat ruined a little of the experience, however good the 2stages were as far apart as they were. A special shout goes to the pair I was chatting with while waiting for my David Tennant autograph. I was soooo worried about not getting in as I had to leave early, and my number would seem to be called around 15 at the earliest. When a guy left the line the lady caught him and got his number as he gave up, and made sure I had it, as it was 200 numbers below mine making sure I had the autograph I came all the way for :) Obviously I gave them my ticket as it was 200 numbers below theirs ^^
  11. Autographs mostly, and a River Song Diary from the guy with the custom copper journals ^^
  12. That was my thought, just goes to show the actors themselves are fans
  13. I've met Masie, and she was wonderful Had a quick chat with her and I do hope Showmasters will be bringing us more Game of Thrones guests :) BTW: Anyone else saw her getting a photo with David Tennant? I couldn't help but smile
  14. I have to agree with everyone. David was absolutely wonderful, although he had to get through so much during the day, he kept on smiling and saying hi all the time. He even commented on me coming all the way from Denmark to meet him, absolutely top guy, if he wants to come back, then I hope Showmasters will do everything they can ^^
  15. I'm not at all enthused about a Bluewater convention either. For EMS I paid: £24 - 2x early bird tickets £45 - Petrol £25 - Parking for the day £30 - lunch & dinner for two because I'm out for so long = £125 + 8hrs total drive Time for the day By comparison I spent £20 on a photoshoot and £55 on two autograps so £75. Essentially I paid £200 for 2 autographs and a photo and I'm absolutely dead after today's endurance marathon (up at 4am, back at 9:30 pm). To be honest I nearly didn't come today because I couldn't be arsed with getting this knackered and driving for so long, and that is after I'd already paid for the early bird tickets and photoshoot and parking! I almost threw away £70 just so I didn't have to slog my guts out getting to the show... but I forced myself because I knew I'd already spent that money and I'd regret not meeting Hurt and Rigg. The drive down to London EMS this morning was a awful and now I might have to think about adding another hour on to get to Kent? I'm not going to bother no matter how good the guests might be. To be honest I'm thinking of giving the London shows a miss because the costs involved in getting there from The North already seem like a total waste of money that could be put to better use on literally anything else. As if guests didn't cost enough the added expense of paying for hotels is a cost I don't want to entertain and the extra fuel costs or even higher train ticket fares put me off even more. I don't mind paying any price for any guest, its a privilege to meet them, but if getting in to the show itself is a logistical/financial nightmare i.e. it costs more to get there than the amount I spend on guests, it is too hard to justify the trip anymore. We have London Film and Comic Con, London Entertainment and Media Show, now Bluewater and Milton Keynes. Are Showmaster's events just run for the Southerners now then??? What happened to the likes of Collectormania in Coventry or Manchester? Why can't Showmaster's spread them out a bit so we all have the opportunity to have shows near us as well as having those that a bit further away? I think its fair to not find locations sutable mate, but if you find its not worth it, its not worth it then. I am spending well over £200 alone in transport for this weekend, and then add what I will be using on autographs, food and so on Its not that I have a lot of money, in fact I'm a student, but I found the guestlist to be worth all the time and money invested (alright being fair, it was David Tennant that dragged me all the way from Denmark ) Consider the memories your potentially getting, and then consider the trouble you will go through. If the memories are not worth the hassel, then don't do it :)
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