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  1. Love getting such an epic announcement like this so early :DDD
  2. What are you guys getting signed? I'm just taking the cover protector with me so as not to have to lug it all around :)
  3. As it's stated before, no we don't. Sometimes it's announced beforehand, but the info may be available on the day only. Sorry, forgot I'd already asked :)
  4. Does anyone know which guests are in the doctor who talk on Sunday? Thanks :)
  5. Does anyone know who the guests in the Dr Who talk on Sunday will be? Thanks :)
  6. Joss Whedon Nathan Fillion Sean Maher Summer Glau Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen, Arrow ​Clark Gregg- The Avengers,S.H.I.E.L.D
  7. Sweet, been wanting to meet him for ages! hopefully I can find another Chewie surfer poster for him to sign as I've wrecked mine...
  8. Peter Mayhew James Marsters Nathan Fillion Joss Whedon Summer Glau
  9. Simon Pegg Nick Frost Nathan Fillion Anyone else from Firefly Joss Whedon Anyone from the Avengers
  10. I'm sorry but this is mad. On an event this size, even with the massive amount of planning and organisation that we all know Showmasters does, there will inevitably be problems. There is no way that with something this scale you can predict everything that could go wrong, and I'm suprised that you expect them to be able to. Unfortunately, realistically there will always be mistakes that have to be learnt from. Be thankful that Showmasters and Jason actually do act on the mistakes they find, and do what they can to find a solution before the next event. Also, sending surplus staff home? Really? You realise that most of the crew are volunteers, they're not getting paid and so would-rightly so- be fairly unhappy on a wasted journey. Even sending the paid crew home is unacceptable and unrealistic. I'm sorry if I come off as harsh about this, but your post really is unfair criticism.
  11. I have so many guest suggestions in my head for 2013 it's unreal :)
  12. Tony was an awesome guest... I told him Giles was my favourite character and he seemed genuinely pleased.
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