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  1. I see James is still on the website, does that mean he's still able to attend? I'm also looking to book a hotel and the non refundable rate is much cheaper than the flexible rate but are the dates likely to change again?
  2. I've got a ticket but my gf does not, will it be obvious where we need to queue? I have early bird so presumably can get in reasonably quickly but when/where should she queue to buy a ticket?
  3. We failed to get tickets before they sold out, don't wanna spend hours in a queue! What time should we get there? We're staying fairly nearby so can travel in early :)
  4. You can do with some places! For Cardiff last year, we booked the travelodge at £77 for 3 nights and someone we know then booked later on and it was £200 a night if I remember rightly for the same travelodge, they hiked up the price nearer the event it seems!
  5. we booked premier inn as you can cancel up till 4pm the day before and pay on check in, not that cheap but all the cheap ones seem to be gone or like you said, no cancellation policy!
  6. Sarah Michelle Gellar… who hasn't done a UK convention before? (correct me if I'm wrong here)… I somehow doubt it and will eat my fez if this happens…
  7. awesome, gives people a proper chance to look around (the stalls) on the friday
  8. I've met him a couple of times now but it's GILES so I'll make time to meet him again
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