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  1. We were told in the queue that she wasnt personalising but when we got to the front we were told that she would if we wrote our names down quickly so i got lucky. She made the time to say hello and was also apologetic about how qwickly we were being moved through, she said 'there you go sweetie' as i left I didnt mind the dog being in the photoshoot i thouht it was quite funny.
  2. I thought he was great, really took his time and asked me if he could sign the print across the lightsaber because it looks 'cool' I thought he would be much more rushed but he was awesome!
  3. I attended on Sunday only and overall i would say it was a positive day. We arrived at around 5.45am to make sure we got everything we wanted. I was actually pleasantly surprised with both Ian McDiarmid and Carrie Fisher. They were both very busy and although the autographs were quick i didnt feel rushed, both were personalised and they both took the time to say something. Carrie was great in the photoshoot and it was a nice touch her having her dog there too lol. Im not saying that the event was perfect (far from it) but i came away with no real dissapoinments and happy.
  4. It would be great to meet him but really im not going to get excited yet, been let down too many times before with him.
  5. Great news, have been hoping some of the dwarves would turn up at a London con.
  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! So excited now. Hes one of the few star trek guests i still need to meet. Really hope he doesnt cancel.
  7. I am really happy with this announcment. He will be a great addition to my Star Wars collection and it will be cool to meet a Lucas. Thanks showmasters for getting someone new!
  8. I have to say that i dont agree that its just up to us to make sure the photos are right. We are paying a lot of money for a product and it should be supplied properly. Before the instant printing process was introduced i never had any issues with photos and reshoots were often requested by the photographers. We were told that the new process wouldnt lead to a loss in quality but that does not seem to be the case. However, is it worth it for the much easier collection system......probably :)
  9. Thought the lighting in photoshoot area C was a bit naff, photos seemed to come out quite dark.
  10. He isn't here, staff confirmed he isn't going to show up. Photoshoot refunded and pretty much a wasted trip for me!
  11. James Masters- at MK a few years back, i wasnt really into torchwood at the time Leonard Nimoy- Got an autograph when he was at MK but regret not getting a photoshoot David Wenham- I hadnt started a LOTR collection at the time Thats it really everyone else i have missed was from before i started going to conventions so i cant have regrets about those.
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