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  1. I think it's kinda disrespectful that these actors names aren't being announced, just their roles :s Ta, Che-Snake :/
  2. Hey QS I can't seem to find it :s can you re send it please? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  3. Hi forumees, how are we today? Quite a few weeks before LFCC, I won a Dirk Benedict autograph for the photo competition on twitter. I asked for it to be posted to me, but was persuaded to pick it up at LFCC. But it wasn't there, so I was told to contact showmasters. To which I have and have not recieved any reply. Being a loyal customer, I am greatly saddened by this experience and I hope we can have it resolved soon. Ta, Che-Snake :/
  4. Dredd. Not technically a superhero, but still a badass that could whoop anyone! Ta, Che-Snake
  5. This is where I think the idea of pre ordering autos for the bigger guests is a good idea. Big cons in the US work that way! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  6. Michael was amazing! I was the third person there to meet him on the Friday, dressed in my black suit. He asked if it was my reservoir dogs outfit, to which I replied I never dress up for events, but it was for him and he laughed. He then went on to tell me about how the pole he leans on in dogs was put in for that scene, and how Tarantino had a go at him for wearing cowboy boots. I showed him mine and he liked them! Signed my picture to me and remembered me at the Shoot :) THEN at the talk, my speaking skills failed as I went to ask a question, so he called me up on stage and shook my hand! I was so nervous :s such a gent! Get him back!!! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  7. Excuse me for being rude, but I'd just left the venue with my misses for some fresh air, and they've stopped letting people back in. Lucky we're helping on a stall or we wouldn't have been allowed back in. Why sell that many tickets knowing that tonnes will turn up on the day and overfill the venue? Ta, Che-Snake
  8. Love how they choose to do these works around Earls Court and West Brompton when 100,000 people are expected there over the weekend -.- Ta, Che-Snake :)
  9. Is putting the Sunday Star Wars talk on the same time as Ian Mcdiarmids photo op a good idea? Ta, Che-Snake :/
  10. So it's no longer a case of collecting a free ticket for the talk? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  11. Ah you guys! Getting me all scared Ta, Che-Snake
  12. I wasn't under the impression Carrie Fisher's sold out? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  13. Lovely :) thanks Queenie! Ta, Che-Snake :)
  14. Sweet! So I can buy the full weekend on Friday entry? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  15. Yo guys, just a quckie; Been going to SM events for a few years now, however I've never noticed if you can buy entry for all 3 days on one day. For example, when I attend friday, can I buy my tickets for entry Saturday and Sunday? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  16. I was well aware of that, but where was the cancellation thread? Ta, Che-Snake :)
  17. Just noticed that he's now under the 'cancelled' section, but no announcement. Oh well, better than nothing! Ta, Che-Snake
  18. So Carlos has definitely cancelled, I messaged him myself and he's said he's no longer attending. So I think it's only right that SM at least take him off the website, otherwise you're advertising someone who isn't going to be attending. Ta, Che-Snake :)
  19. He has definitely said on his Facebook two hours ago that he's not :/ Ta, Che-Snake
  20. These always happen when I'm at work! Bring on Michael Rooker! Ta, Che-Snake :)
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