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  1. Noooooooooooooo, That's a real shame. My main reason for attending MK this year, even more so than the boxers, my usual draw. Can't make LFCC, boo !
  2. Sure, I'm not moaning, already a great line up of guests but the last couple of shows I've been to he's been there and was well worth seeing. Hopefully he will be back soon !
  3. No Robert Englund this time ? Shame, he's always entertaining at these events.
  4. Wow, fantastic. I've been waiting for Kerry to attend one of these shows. As an avid Chelsea fan, Kerry is my all time favourite player, can't wait to meet him. Is he not doing a photoshoot ? That would be a shame. Certainly a great addition, and to me, worth attending just to meet him. Well done Showmasters !
  5. Please give us Robert Englund again and any nightmare on Elm Street cast members, Craig Fairbrass, Debbie Harry, any Doctor Who's, and sports stars, Kerry Dixon, Lennox Lewis, Robin Reid, Prince Naseem, Anthony Joshua, Geoff Hurst, Chris Eubank and George Foreman.
  6. You just couldn't have one of these shows without Kenny. Always a pleasure to see him, totally a top guy.
  7. Kenny is an absolute Legend, it'll be great to see him, again.
  8. Fantastic event, Holyfield was truely great and once again proved he is a champion of the people. Jamie Moore, what an absolute top guy, the first time I have met him and he was superb. All the boxers were very friendly and helpful, maybe just Tony Tucker could have been slightly more social but that's not really a complaint more an observation. Top job Dave and Mark Grantham !
  9. Many thanks Guys ! Very helpful
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me what the situation with parking will be at the venue ? Is there a fee and is there plenty of it ?
  11. Totally agree tonymontana, Mark is always very helpful and informative. He has helped me numerous time both on this forum and when ordering from his company.I am happy to show my appreciation to this top guy. A big thank you Mark !
  12. Pity, they seem to be dropping like flies ! Will there be any replacements ? Maybe some horror film celebs etc. 2014 seems like its going to be good.
  13. OK, maybe I'm a little greedy or expecting too much, but I just wondered if there are likely to be anymore guests or is that the final list now ! Once again we've been spoilt with the boxers, however as I'm taking the kids (part of an appeasement deal made with the wife), I was wondering if there maybe any more that would appeal to them
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