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  1. Hi there - Question: I'm in London from Wednesday - as such if this doesn't arrive either today, tomorrow or very early Wednesday morning I won't have my ticket - i've got a gold pass though, so can i just bring my order confirmation along? Thanks. Nathan
  2. Yep, which i only noticed after e-mailing him to ask about a commission! Annoying as i didn't see his cancellation announced and i tend to skip to this forum rather than the main website!
  3. I appreciate the shop is closed for tickets and photo shoots and the like! Cheers.
  4. I don't post here so much, but it's my personal view you're getting hammered for the none SM staff frankly being a bit s***, or perhaps better to just say poorly informed? I know a lot of you are less experienced than others and not everyone is as loud as me, but you are all giving up your time to help as best you can at this thing instead of being free to enjoy it like the rest of us (try) to do. It's not easy to be the ones trying to keep things on track and I imagine quite difficult to just make the right call some times and indeed you're not necessarily empowered to do so, but thanks for putting up with us and trying. :)
  5. We are British, we love to have a good moan. A good event as SM pretty much always seems to do, always a few things one could gripe about and god knows I love a good moan myself, but frankly given the majority of people organising and running these events are giving up their own time to do so on a voluntary basis, i have no gripes I will air. Congrats and thanks to you all. For the folks complaining about seating - i never failed to get a seat in the cafe area any time i went there to do so - and if you have a legitimate medical reason why seating would be of benefit to you...I am fairly sure the general upstanding, generous nature of us fun loving enertainment and media fans would us put aside our rotund derrier for your own.
  6. Kinda Surprised its not on his list at the top. Film may not have been 'huge' - but from a comic book fan perspective a hugely iconic character he played :)
  7. I was disappointed he didn't pose on Saturday, he looked completely knackered when i met him and so I chose not to get a photo with him on Sunday on that basis. I thought he did a couple of excellent and frank talk's though.
  8. Well, there will be at least two of us - invite still open. I reserve the right to randomly ask people for drinks based on awesomeness of their cosplay; how by themselves they look and if they happen to be passed as i'm heading to the pub
  9. Awesome, means i can potentially get my two annoying/have to carry around all day items signed on Friday night and not worry about them for the rest of the weekend
  10. Really? ...Really? ...Really? (I hope some of the Wrestlings fans get this one...i have to play the heel right now...given the above response to my original post) Anyways, do I really need to post a disclaimer around this to identify the fact it's supposed to be amusing and not serious i.e. a bit of (themed) banter. I (mis)quoted Star Wars around it...I referred to Logic and Star Trek. If so - apologies I did not, i hope this reply makes that clear and that I do (in fact) not wish to kill any Arsenal fan who does not hand me his sword in surrender (that's how you surrender right? I learned from movies!)
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