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  1. Would love it if Judi could come! I'll enjoy meeting all the guys but it would be nice to have some Amazonian girl power represented
  2. Excellent! I met her last month and got my copies of The Iron Witch and The Wood Queen signed, looking forward to meeting her again
  3. Name: Eleanor Age: scraping in at 29 for HEA, I turn 30 less than 2 weeks after. Where are you from? Shropshire Which of the 2 series do you watch? Both Ultimate guest you want for the event? I'm happy with anyone! What ticket will you get? I've bought Gold already :) Have you been to ME cons before? Yes Previous cons: ET3-7 and I'll be attending Bitten 3 & ET8 this year. Fave movies: Twilight movies, Matrix trilogy, Jurassic Park movies, Lost in Tranlation, The Last Unicorn Fave music: Girls' Generation, Hatsune Miku, T-ara, Wonder Girls, Girls Day, Perfume (i.e. lots of Korean and Japanese pop/electro) Other interests: reading, photography, exploring National Trust places, keeping fit.
  4. Excellent :) I've had The Declaration on my Kindle for a while, should get around to reading it now I suppose!
  5. I only even know that those are Hillywood songs because other people have told me, I just really hate those songs! As soon as Bad Romance comes on (that is a 'Hillywood' song, right?) I inwardly groan, I keep dancing because, like you, I like to stay on the dancefloor I have to confess that most of the time I never even notice that people are doing choreographed routines to the songs. Everyone has different tastes, if I went up and requested the songs I listen to we'd all be dancing to Korean and Japanese pop music (unlikely that the DJ would have these though!) I'll never get the chance to do the T-ara, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Perfume, BABYMETAL (I could go on) routines that I know
  6. plenty of time to order a hoodie from Cafepress...example -> Birmingham hoodie :)
  7. 1. Which ETs you have been to 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and got my ticket for 8 2. Who was your favourite guest Daniel Cudmore, also the one I found hardest to even speak to because, phwoar 3. What was your favourite party PJ party! 4. What was your favourite Guest talk Jamie Campbell-Bower 5. Which of the ETs was your favourite ET3 because it was my first one and I was so worried about going on my own then it turned out to be fantastic! 6. Does a particular song always make you think of ET Nice Weather for Ducks 7. What is your favourite giveaway in your attendee pack The tote bags, I use mine all the time. 8. Anything that happened at an ET that you will never forget Bronson. (also meeting lots of lovely fellow fans, even though I've been coming to these since Feb 2010 there are new faces every time, and I still think it's weird when people know who I am!)
  8. Must have missed you then, was dancing until the music stopped at midnight, but was a bit waylaid getting into the party room by looking at people's outfits! I heard the DJ play Girlfriend and Sk8er Boi over the weekend, he didn't play Britney that I asked for He kept playing the Hillywood dance songs over and over though (not my thing). Next time I'm just going to write AGADOO across the board over and over in huge letters! And then he shall have a nervous breakdown.
  9. But we need the DJ there to play Nice Weather For Ducks as the final song D: Otherwise the convention won't be finished off properly! I'm one of the people who still dances the whole way through the Sunday party, conversation? Pfft. xD I agree with having the PJ party again, that was the busiest I'd ever seen it on a Sunday night :) As for other themes, I dunno I'm rubbish at thinking stuff up, but one theme that we need to buy pretty dresses for is required!
  10. I doubt it....She's a Scouser! LOL! *like* Living in Liverpool for 5 years kinda drilled that attitude into me too!
  11. I've been watching it but I think it's a bit boring and long-winded so far. Mind you I wasn't too fussed with the first series of The Vampire Diaries and that's just got better and better! I'm going to stick with it and see what happens.
  12. I'm going for the hen party theme on the Friday night, got myself a personalised hen party t-shirt and I'll buy some cheap hen party tiaras etc. to go with it. Saturday night I'll wear the same floor length red dress I wore for prom at ET5 (if I can fit into it after Christmas - a diet may be needed!) Sunday I've bought some cheap scrubs trousers and a top, I want to be nice and comfy!
  13. They told me when I rang up that they'd sold out and noted on my reservation that I'd like to change to a double room when one becomes available. Decided I'd book a twin just so that I wouldn't have to keep checking to see if they made doubles available :)
  14. Will add all of my talk photo's to Flickr later 456 pics are being uploaded now -> Eternal Twilight 6 and here's my photoshoots :)
  15. There's no limit as far as I know, when Richelle Mead was signing at an ET event people were getting 4+ books signed at a time as she had 2 different book series out. I've got 4 different versions of Silence to take along and get signed so you won't be the only person in the queue with a big pile of books! :)
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