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  1. Katzwales

    Just a quick question x

    Thank you , normally I am there by 2ish but this is the first time I am going to be late getting there and was starting to stress out , I'm hoping to get out of my course abit early but with traffic you never know x
  2. Katzwales

    any male's attending?

    I'm dragging my hubby along , but he is doing his own thing during the day and just coming to the parties x
  3. Katzwales

    Just a quick question x

    Hi all , I was wondering if anyone knows what time registration closes on Friday as I am on a course that day and can't get there until about 7-7.30pm and don't want to stress about not being able to get to the opening cermony .thanks in advance x
  4. Katzwales

    Themes ....

    Please please please can we have the themes this week as I go on holiday for 2 weeks without Internet access !!!!
  5. Katzwales

    Themes ....

    Come on showmasters / ME please can we have themes this week , I want to make more of an effort as it is the last one but you are going to make it hard if we don't get the themes soon xxxx PLEASE CAN WE HAVE THEM XXXX
  6. Katzwales

    Latest Guest Announcement - TYSON HOUSEMAN

    Yippee as many have said above , my wolf pack apart from Taylor is complete very happy lady right now * does happy dance*
  7. Katzwales

    Themes ....

    With less than 12 weeks to go until ET8 we need to have the themes announced soon if we want to make it the best weekend we can xxxx Please , please announce soon ME xxx
  8. Katzwales

    Themes ....

    I hope they announce the themes soon , so that we all have plenty of time to get our costumes together x
  9. Katzwales

    Get Toni Trucks Back!

    Yes please she was a fantastic guest and I would love for her to come back and see us xx
  10. Katzwales

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALEX MERAZ

    This has just made my day thanks xx
  11. Katzwales

    Latest Guest Announcement - MYANNA BURING

    Thank you ME/ Showmasters for another great guest can't wait to meet her xxx
  12. Katzwales

    6 weeks!

    Hello fellow Welsh-Person lol Where you from ??? Not long now all , hope we get an announcement soon so I know how much money I need to take with me for the guest encounters xxxx See you all really soon xxxx
  13. Katzwales

    6 weeks!

    Hi all only 6 weeks left to go , can not wait to see you all again !! Hope everyone is ready xxx
  14. Katzwales

    what is everyone planning on wearing ?

    Hubby just bought me a stunning black ball gown to wear on the Saturday night , might do hen party for the Friday and still don't know about the Sunday yet
  15. Katzwales

    Anyone watching Secret Circle?

    I watch it and love it xx