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  1. I'm torn between going as a vampire like i did last year, or going as Der Kinderstod. Do you think Der Kinderstod should only be attempted by guys?.....I don't want to end up looking ridiculous!
  2. looks really good! i went for the cheap option last year and used a tshirt transfer. will have to make another this year, as it came off in the wash!
  3. hell yeah, that would be so awesome
  4. i spoke to james about hallowhedon 2 when i saw him in february. at the time he said he had no plans to attend, but nothing was fixed. we can hope
  5. yea it was kinda pricey last time! i got james marsters' chair last time, but it made a pretty large dent in my funds. will start saving extra early this year!!
  6. lilbuzz155


    Do you think they'll be auctioning off the guests' chairs again?? My friend would probably hyperventilate lots if she mangaed to get Anthony Head's!
  7. last year a lot of people seemed to turn up as cowboys for the sunday night party. me and my friend had no idea there was even going to be a theme!
  8. Hi Jenny88 :) Meine Freundin und ich werden dort sein. Wir können beide ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen - aber leider nicht perfekt! Letztes Mal gab es ein paar Deutschen aber die Mehrheit kamen aus England. Sie werden wahrscheinlich einige Fans treffen, die von Deutschland gereist sind.
  9. of course it's romantic! who needs skiing when you have hallowhedon?!
  10. it means you get a joint photograph of all the guests who attend hallowhedon 2. you don't get to be in the photo, which is a shame, but it'll be a cool keepsake!
  11. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i don't think we're supposed to mention them by name on here - it'd be like advertising the competition. you might just have to google it.
  13. I had my fingers crossed for Juliet Landau, but it looks unlikely since she's appearing in the UK a month after Hallowhedon 2. Or maybe she loves hopping between the UK and the US! *crosses everything anyway* Can't believe how excited I am already!
  14. hope he can make it again
  15. kind of late now, i know.... but i hope everyone had a fab christmas
  16. Hey Diane I'm totally with you! But we have leave room for those who have yet to discover the awesomeness that is James!! i'm with you guys.....JAMES!!!!!!!!!
  17. Forum Name - lilbuzz155 Real Name - alison Age/Location - 22, leeds (hey sazzzy maybe u live near me!!!) What Ticket have you got/getting? gold 14 Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon?? james marsters and alyson hannigan Hotel? - thistle Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? interview with the vampire Favourite Other TV Show? buffy, angel, charmed, dollhouse, tru calling Favourite Music? marilyn manson, kittie, my chemical romance, disturbed Anything else we need to know? i'm excited already!!!
  18. i've got my gold ticket for next year too. i'm also hoping the decision to get rid of group shots with fans will be reconsidered, or that (like you suggested) something else is added to make up for it! despite this i can't wait til next halloween! how awesome would it be if they could get joss?!?!
  19. Had a blast at Hallowhedon It's a shame that the group photos for gold pass holders won't be happening any more. Will Hallowhedon 2 be in the same location??
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