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  1. How's about that for a slice of fried gold! I'm so gutted that I can't attend this event. Please visit again Nick and bring Simon with you
  2. nickysgirl77

    Guest suggestion

    Colin Morgan and Bradley James to go along with Tony Head
  3. nickysgirl77

    Movies of 2011

    Hmm can't believe how many films from this year i have seen, although most of these were on dvd or sky movies as I don't go to the cinema too often as it's so expensive now. In no order just as they came out through the year: The Dilemma - rubbish The Green Hornet I Am Number Four Rango Limitless Paul Source Code The King's Speech Scream 4 Pirates 4: On Stranger Tides Bad Teacher Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt 2 (twice at the cinema) Burke & Hare going to see Sherlock next week
  4. nickysgirl77

    What did you buy?

    I bought some Lost trading cards (and got Terry O'Quinn's auto so well chuffed), 3 dvds, 2 X DT photos, 2 X DT postcards and a few other photos from that ace dealer selling them for £1 each.
  5. nickysgirl77

    David Tennant was brilliant!

    Were you the guy in the Superman t-shirt covered in paint? That was a brilliant costume, well thought out
  6. nickysgirl77

    any one think evanna lynch was brilliant?

    I thought that she was great in the photos, but she signed my auto exactly Like This and thought it was good enough to give back to me without thinking 'That looks naff, I should have signed across the dress' I didn't want to cause a fuss and tell her it was the worst place an actor should sign , because when I got Daniel Cudmore's auto and his pen didn't work greatly it was more than a bit awkward when the guest assistant had already said 'yeah looks ok' to Daniel to then say to them it wasn't That put me off complaining about these things. I see for your autograph, it's a shame but like you I wouldn't have dared saying something Sorry that your auto didnt come out right. I asked her to put "I hope there's pudding" on mine and as she was writing it she started putting "your". Once she realised her mistake she was full of apologises and got another one and signed it fine. I know it is a bit nerve wrecking to say anything but I am sure she would have been more than happy to sign another one for you. I know its too late now but maybe SM can get her back again. At least its unique!
  7. I saw the Johnny English premiere as I went to Leicester Square on Sunday afternoon to watch HP7 pt2 (again) It looked busy but I couldnt get round to see what was going on.
  8. nickysgirl77

    Any one seen any celebs walking about

    I nearly walked into Paul McGann as he was leaving. I also saw Neil Morrissey at Euston train station on my way home. Was going to approach him but didn't like to bother him as he was busy on the phone. Also saw David Tennant being escorted from Auto to Photoshoot. At one point I was practically walking alongside him
  9. nickysgirl77

    Lifts, escalators, stairs

    Yeah I ended up the other side of the barrier to be stamped but fortunately a lovely bloke on the door let me have my hand stamped even though it looked like I had just arrived
  10. nickysgirl77

    Can anyone clarify what happened with the photos?!

    I was in the first batch of David ones but I never saw my duplicate Love the idea that he took them home with him if only that were true! I must admit there was chaos at the photos but once again the Crew handled it well. I just went round the edge until I found my photo and then asked a nice lady to pass it to me. Problem solved
  11. nickysgirl77

    Eve Myles

    Eve was so friendly and lovely to everyone. I was in the queue for John Hurt on the Saturday and I could see her hugging fans and her facial expressions were so adorable. She looked genuinely interested in what people were saying to her and made everyone feel at ease. When I met her on the Sunday she asked me how my weekend was going and was happy to pose for a pic. Love the woman! so glad I got to meet her
  12. nickysgirl77

    David Tennant was brilliant!

    I only met David at the photoshoot, as I couldn't really afford both but he was absolutely lovely. I did ask for a hug and Malcolm pointed out there wasnt time for that. However David did say "I'm really sorry" and smiled. I met him last month at the stage door of Much Ado and he was lovely then too. Such a warm and friendly person who wanted to make sure he signed something for everyone there. Would love to see him do a talk, so maybe SM can get him back again
  13. nickysgirl77

    Thank You Feedback

    Just wanted to add my thanks. Once again SM pulled off a great event and it was made extra special by the presents of David Tennant. I think all the crew handling the crowds at David's signing and photoshoot were amazing and very helpful. I had a great time Thanks Jason and the SM crew
  14. nickysgirl77

    latest guest Announcement - David Tennant

    as far as we can see it doesnt look like david is doing a talk, so he will have more time to sign and he is so kind to fans I am sure he will make even the 1000 sig feel like the first
  15. I got my redelivered today No. 327