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  1. phil9290

    ET4 - Roll Call

    I'm G11 so excited!
  2. phil9290

    Latest Guest Announcement - PATRICK STEWART

    Oh my god!!!! So exciting!!!
  3. phil9290


    Peter Can't wait to meet him. I'm also looking forward to Booboo as Seth was one of my favourite characters in eclipse.
  4. phil9290

    Who HASN'T got their ticket yet?

    I haven't got mine yet. I'm not sure yet if I want to go. It's alot of money and I'm not sure if I liked ET3 that much. I guess it depends on the guests.
  5. Wow I am so excited to meeting him! He did such a great job with the sword fighting in lord of the Rings
  6. phil9290

    Whos buying their ticket on the 20th?

    I will :) I'm going to get silver.
  7. phil9290

    Guest suggestions for LFCC 2010

    Nicholas Hoult please
  8. phil9290

    next collectormania guest wants

    Nicholas Hoult
  9. phil9290

    latest Guest Announcement Leah Gibson

    Wow another guest Can't wait to see her role in Eclipse.
  10. phil9290

    latest Guest Announcement Eleanor Tomlinson

    Wow an alice guest my list of guests that I want to meet is steadily increasing!
  11. phil9290

    Charlaine Harris!

    Aah I really want to go!! Thanks for the info, I'm going to try my hardest to get there How exciting!
  12. phil9290

    Team Bower!

    Looking forward to the website :) thanks so much for thinking of this!
  13. Peter's my favourite guest announced so far! I can't wait!! I love him as Carlisle and I love him in Nurse Jackie. He is such a great guy :)