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  1. Wow she wrote all three of my favourite episodes
  2. Yep, John will only be there on Sunday.
  3. Also Adam But I like Out of Time too.
  4. Lol good, my mind went elsewhere
  5. I'm not the only that can see it says 'in Lia as Bob' right? xD But, yay Kai! What a gorgeous man <3
  6. On Sunday there was one of Sunday's guests.
  7. Teehee Valthy, what an excellent cat dancing picture x
  8. Lol Now that you've said that and I've looked at those pics on the board, he does. But a more rugged, manly version ;D Thanks SM
  9. Woah good job you guys boosted this board up. I thought I'd packed everythin but my letters are tucked away on a shelf xD Haha. You think I'd know by my fourth hub
  10. Charmaaaiinneee. </3 Thanks for the kind words :)
  11. Wow He is amaaazing. And I love Revenger's Tragedy. Thanks SM <3
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