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  1. jos

    Event Announcement - Happily Ever After

    Oh WOW!!!! So excited!!! =)
  2. jos

    Hotel code?

    Thanks for the quick help QS! =)
  3. jos

    Hotel code?

    Hm, just called to book our room and the hotel told me, that this event is not confirmed and they are not taking any hotel bookings at the moment.
  4. jos

    The Hub 8

    Going to book this weekend for my best friend and me It's going to be my second HUB, I'm hooked!
  5. jos


    I've been to a lot of cons in the Uk, in Germany and the US, this one was one of the best. Everything was so organized, the staff was always helpful and happy. I don't think I have seen so many smiling helpers at a convention before. And a big shout out to Malcolm. He RULEZ!
  6. jos

    Photos from the weekend

    My pics: http://joscorner.smugmug.com/Events/HUB/20...7062011_3pPcGpF
  7. jos

    for Hub 8

    Awesome idea, i would love that
  8. jos

    Thank You

    I also have to say THANK YOU. It was my first Hub and I loved every minute. I will be back!
  9. jos

    Authors @ The Games

    I would LOVE to see Suzanne Collins and Veronica Roth! *pretty please*
  10. jos

    Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

    I have to work tomorrow morning, but then it's "airport, plane, HUB 7!!!"
  11. jos

    It's time to update your details!

    Thanks for the quick answer ... :)
  12. jos

    Hub Convention Virgin

    I'm also a Hub Newbie .... so looking forward to it!
  13. jos

    It's time to update your details!

    Hi, I live in Germany and haven't received my tickets yet... getting a bit worried...
  14. jos

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHARON MORGAN

    Great guest and now the daughter please - family reunion :)