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  1. is there a possibility of a duo photo shoot with william russell & carole-ann ford?
  2. any possibility of a duo photoshoot with carol-ann ford & william russell
  3. he didn't have an account when he ordered these but has ordered tickets,etc to previous showmasters events. not sure what's going to happen :S
  4. my friend ordered 2 early bird tickets & a photoshoot the order was confirmed but did not ask 4 an address (not had this with previous orders)
  5. kinda be interested in meeting shane dawson. and the lads involved with time agent. (jaime carroll, bill treacy & allan rafferty)
  6. should be there. hoping 4 some more dr who companions especially hartnell/troughton ones.
  7. i think they are very cool. i hate it when u can't find a photo of an actor as the character u like most. re:julian glover in city of death. also happened at last years collectormania olympia when i wanted peter firth photo as dominic hide.
  8. where did u get the photos i looked everywhere 4 a julian glover/city of death photo had no luck in the end i had to get my dvd cover signed.
  9. my favourite guests were the being human trio, liz sladen , katee sackhoff & a special mention to andrew clover (v.funny guy) & robert rankin :)
  10. seeing as u have russell, aidan & leonora of being human any chance u can top it of by getting sinead keenan (nina)?
  11. i found autographs signed with a gold pen are the worst for coming off in whsmith folders (as i found with my denise crosby auto from '98 & a ray parks auto from early 2000's). have been using ultra pro for the last 5 years not had any problems so far.
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