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  1. i didnt get in to this particular con, but ive met kenny twice before and just wanted to add that he is a top bloke very nice to meet, goes to every last convention he posserbly can, i admire him for what he does for his fans
  2. you guys havnt had any Buffy or Angel guests in years, not since CM was in MK shopping center. how about the main kid from kickass? hes english, shouldnt be hard to get hold of james marsters, again i havnt seen him do any uk convention since CM was in MK center
  3. can you confirm how much peter mayphew is please. he was down as £15 now £20 and how much is ray park? he was £20 now hes £25
  5. he's £20 this time? he has been only £15 at the past few events :-( i know its only £5 more, but soon adds up
  6. i didnt see that michael winslow photo on his desk at all on saturday, so they must have been used up by the time i met him, although i was quite early, or they were only there sunday. shame
  7. those are some great michael winslow photos matt, where did you get them? i look online before the event and couldnt find any, and couldnt find any at the convention on the stalls, and the ones on his table were really bad
  8. any chance of Dave Prowse? i know he has just done collectormania 18, first uk convention in a while i think but id love to see him again or for those that missed him last time
  9. is anthony head going to CM? he was on the list but now i cant find him and some other people i know cant find him there was no topic saying he had cancelled and i read a comment saying hes £15. but again hes not on the list? or is he goin to LFCC? because i still cant find him anywhere
  10. sometimes i read the suggestions on this topic and think "dont be ridiculous" "you will never get those guests" but surprisingly some really big names turn up so im going out on a whim here and going to say "mark hamill" i know so many people give him flack, and if you believe what tv shows and what you read on the web that he HATES star wars and hates his fans, he doesnt i am sure hes quite bitter about it but he does do a fare few cons in america so how about it? ..MARK HAMILL
  11. just a quick question... will she refuse xfiles stuff to be signed? almost everyone that meets her will probs have something xfiles related to get signed but i have heard so many times that she refuses xfiles stuff
  12. depends what who/torchwood guests are going and what days then i will probs be jack harkness
  13. Adam West The Walking Dead guests allo allo guests torchwood burn gorman
  14. dont worrie to much about it, you didnt blow it. atleast you got to speak to him. i didnt, the staff keped pestering my girlfriend who was standing with me, so i didnt get to say anything but we all knew it would be a very very quick meeting with tennant. but doesnt it feel great having met him?
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