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  1. Thanks for all the words of comfort, friends. Next time I meet DT, IF there is a next time, I promise myself to get my words out and a wee conversation with him!! I WILL do it!! Maybe all we whimps should gather together at the next con David does and give each other courage! Shirley
  2. Hi All I bought a gold pass and obtained an autograph from David Tennant who I adore. I told him it was my birthday, he said "Is it? Many happy returns!" and then signed the photo saying "21 again?!" to which I replied "I wish!". Very nice but why couldn't I have said more?! I wanted to tell him how he had inspired me to study Shakespeare with the Open University but didn't say it because I didn't want to hold up the queue! I didn't say a word during the photo shoot either! After reading about all the little conversations others had with him, both during the autograph and photo sessions, I feel like I really missed out because I didn't say more. I was waiting for David to make conversation but I realise now I should have done it! Damn! I did the same thing at the stage door in June!! My photo is really 'straight' too, whereas a lot of people had him pose with them as if they were dancing, back to back etc, fun poses, but I just went for the standing next to him thing! I know an awful lot of people would have killed just for that, I know I was very lucky and DT was absolutely fine, I am annoyed with myself!! Any body out there feel the same? I wonder if he'll ever do another con and give me another chance!! I should add I am a woman in her 40's so it's not as if I was a star-struck kid!! Arrragh!! Shirley
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