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  1. I love the themed parties and having to plan for them. We've had some great themes but they do get a bit repetitive. So I think it would be good to think a bit differently. So how about Doctors and Nurses as Carlisle's a doctor A biker party after the motorbikes in New Moon etc St Marcus day party from New Moon? Cops and Robbers party Just a few ideas.
  2. That would be soo much fun we could have inflatable palm trees haa And feathers!
  3. I suppose this is one potential way of dealing with it, but then you'd get far less 'grouping' of peoples photos because they wouldn't know which table to look on. All these ideas seem to have good and bad points, so no wonder they have nothing else in place at the moment And of course, even if it were provided by SM/ME, it should still be respected and not ruined! Same with anything provided at the party. Of course, to me that goes without saying!
  4. I had a fab time. Mainly due the people I met up with, so thank you sooooo much! As always sm/me pulled out all the stops and provided us with a great show. I actually really enjoyed the party themes, although I didn't think I would. Although that being said, Saturdays theme was similar to the graduation party at ET3 an it would be good to try and mix it up completely. Really enjoyed the PJ party and the bed and sheep where awesome (I am still suffering!). I did also think that the bar in the party closed up really early, which I don't really mind as I do the same as most, although the price difference to the function bar and the main bar is ridiculous!! Thoroughly enjoyed to chatting to some of the crew and Jason on Sunday night, it was great to understand exactly how much work you guys all do so big thumbs up to you. However, I do questions the professionalism of some crew members. Also we got told of a couple of time whilst waiting outside a photo shoot. I will admit we had a giggle and the first instance was warranted, but we listened and it didn't happen again!! The shoot rooms are on a main corridor, with attendees walking past all day, just because we had been sat outside for sometime the finger of blamed was pointed at us - we are all guilty of making a noise, I just don't think its fair to automatically assume its certain individuals. Much preffered being in these particular rooms again, and admit fewer guests make it a much nicer atmosphere. Will agree with other points, that its a bit boring to have the same songs played every night, and is there really any need to rumn screaming at the dance floor everytime a song, such as super massive blackhole, comes on? Photo shoot pics need to better organised. Suggestion - I notice that some one had mentioned a one way queue, which I think is a good idea. However David B mentioned that if you only wanted pics that were at one end of the table you had to wait to get along there. Why not put each guest pics on a different table, and implement the one way rule, that way you only have to go to the tables you need to?! Just a suggestion. Only one other comment. I am the person that brought the Edward stand up both this time and last. I do not object to people having pics taken etc. I understand the fun etc, which is why we brought it in the first place. However I found that some attendees where extreamly rude! I know its only a piece of cardboard, but I paid for that with my own money and for people to just grab it a pull it away (and eventually tear it!) without asking I think is just plain rude. People just seem to think it's been provided by SM/ME. Sorry :) Other than that weekend was fab, bring on ET6!!!
  5. I'm S41. See you all later - I'm just getting ready to leave!!! Yay
  6. Hey, I'm assuming this was an open question! But if it wasn't please ignore me! I'm from Kent. (BTW I will be leaving home in 24 hours!! Yay)
  7. Only one for us, we are staying at the Hilton tomorrow night as well!! Very excited! Lucky you! Actually quite jealous now!
  8. For some reason that doesn't surprise me!!
  9. Woohoo!! Welcome! Ah thanks Only 2 more sleeps to go
  10. thanks. Not even sure how to get to the M1 lol, Neither am I! But if you can etc, then like I said I'm happy to help. How far from the M1 are you? so sorry I haven't replied earlier. No idea about M1 as I don't drive to be fair. Thanks anyway. That's fine, I only asked, as if it's not too far I was happy to come off the motorway for you. Hope you've got everything sorted. Have fun
  11. This time next week I will be back home. Having been to Slimming World and being shamed by how much weight I've gained over the weekend. Busy preparing for my daughters birthday on Tuesday and having a serious case of post con blues But at the moment - I'm counting down the hours until I leave home, currently at 84 Hours
  12. This is such a random topic! Love It. I'm 5ft 7in and my hubby is exactly the same height, even had to sacrifice the Jimmy Choo's on my wedding day so as not to be too tall. So I am all in favor of a tall man. (hot man, shirtless/half naked man, muscular man! check, check and check!!) Sooooo excited now!
  13. Have you looked on ebay to see if there is anything similar for sale and how much its up for? Can't tell you how much I think, but can tell you how much I paid. I got a Rob auto from Collectormania in Nov 09 and paid £50 and that was a HP pic too (full auto), not a twilight! I ended buying the same pic at the auction (don't ask, i got too excited and end up getting over enthusiastic with the hand raising!!) I asked a dealer if they would be interested in buying one and they offered me £25. But that was obviously over a year ago and a HP pic not anything Twilight. Good luck.
  14. Unless the fire alarm is Sunday night. And then it will be us all in out PJ's! Also, how do you know they will be wearing pyjamas?! Haha - when I wrote it I did think about the other alternatives..... but by the time I recovered from the mental images that produced..... I thought better of giving everyone else heart attacks I'll be honest, the mental images of several other alternatives have crossed my mind! But I agree it's probably better not to shock anyone else. Although to be honest the same mental images have probably crossed their minds to!! lol
  15. Unless the fire alarm is Sunday night. And then it will be us all in out PJ's! Also, how do you know they will be wearing pyjamas?!
  16. Hi, I'm Tina and I live in Kent! (I feel like i should be waving and saying this statement in an overly enthusiastic voice, al la blind date stylie! Or is that just me?!) I know its more South Eastish, but south is south right!? Not long to go!
  17. OMG! Wow, yes please! I'll take one of those - thank you very much!
  18. LMFAO, Sooooo funny. Absolutely love it!
  19. Just use the hotel Dressing Gown, saves you space in you case for other random non essential items. Or alcohol!
  20. thanks. Not even sure how to get to the M1 lol, Neither am I! But if you can etc, then like I said I'm happy to help. How far from the M1 are you?
  21. Hey, I'm sure you will have a great time! java script:emoticon('', 'smid_16') My first ever con was ET3 (a year ago now although it feels like much longer than that!) I went on my own for ET3 and again this time, and this time I will be travelling completely on my own too. And it's a great way to gain confidence and meet new people who love the same things you do! Have fun!
  22. Last time we just brought junk food with us. But to be honest by the time you've had your fill on a late Hilton Brekkie, and "liberated" some extra danish/bagel/rolls/jam pots/nutella etc for snacks, i found I just had a quick snack at dinner time. That was it. But this time ive got the Cous Cous, which seems popular. Mug Shot (noodle soup things in a mug) ryvita to dip in them, jelly pots and some fruit. Think thats about it. Also just of of the NEC, literally a 2 min drive from the Hilton is a 2 for £10 pub/restaurant. I know that some people don't leave the hotel all weekend, or don't drive - but I drive, and I have to pay for the car park for the full time, if you ask for a ticket from reception then they will add the car park to your room and give you a ticket so that you can get in and out over the weekend. Just means that you can have a proper mean one evening instead of burger and chips or pot noodles. I usually go on a Sunday night, and I have plenty of room in my car if anyone fancies coming on Sunday night?
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