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  1. leannezoeii

    Charlie Bewley

    I don't know why, well I kind of do, but I think it'd be weird for Charlie NOT to be at the last one. He's never cancelled an ET appearance and he's saved asses (come at the last minute) for everyone. His appearances have made most peoples weekends tbh!
  2. leannezoeii

    Guest Cancellation - Kellan Lutz

    They always ask for ideas, actually.
  3. leannezoeii

    Very quiet forum

    Can't understand why someone would even feel the need to come into the ET6 part of the forum to post that, in hopes of getting obviously negative reactions...? Hey ho, some people just have too much time on their hands... clearly
  4. leannezoeii

    Hilton Rooms?

    There are still rooms available if you're booking for the friday and saturday nights. You can book your room now, you don't pay till you check in, in october.
  5. leannezoeii


    Look forward to seeing you there xx Vampire girl could probably answer this better as she has done both (my daughter) but I think it has something to do with a drinks reception?? Gold sit at the front of the talks and have a drinks/wine reception with the guests on the friday evening. :)
  6. leannezoeii

    Hilton Rooms?

    I've just booked 2 twin rooms for the friday and saturday nights and it worked. When I tried booking with the sunday nights it wouldn't work, so probably just that night! :/
  7. leannezoeii

    Random. Rpattz signed Twilight book query...

    Thanks for all your replies. And Talie that was hilarious. She was italian wasn't she?
  8. leannezoeii

    Random. Rpattz signed Twilight book query...

    Ahhh, I'm not attending this one.
  9. Hiii, as I'm not 'into' twilight that much anymore, I'm thinking of selling my Twilight book which was signed by Pattinson himself last year as I went to his Remember Me premiere. It is his full signature, not just the letter "R" most usually get at premieres! Just wondering if anyone had any idea of how much it'd be worth? Might be putting it on Ebay. Oh and I have photos of myself at the premiere and with him and a video recording of him signing for us as evidence that it is genuine
  10. leannezoeii

    keeping you all up to date :-)

    If it is, I know many who would change their minds instantly about not attending. We'd be there asap.
  11. leannezoeii

    Jasons ET4 post

    More then likely.
  12. leannezoeii

    next guest coming soon

    Yeah, I'm not really into Twilight anymore. The sparks gone haha But I can never get enough of Charles so any CM/Con he's announced for... I'll be there.
  13. leannezoeii

    next guest coming soon

    I remember that too. & Second that. I'd like to be going again, but CB would probably be the only reason I'd make the effort to scrape money together for it. 2011's a tight year.
  14. leannezoeii

    Anyone else NOT staying at the Hilton?

    It's ok, the Hilton was still a bit too expensive even with the con rate...I didn't want to travel back home on the Sunday anyway (I'm going back on Monday) and it's too late to cancel the other one. Thanks anyway :) if you're travling from brum town center each day (thats the impression im getting from what you've said on facebook) then it might actually still be cheaper to look into a hilton room at con rate especially if you're getting a taxi back each night, that's £20 a night and the train there in the morning would be probably about £3-4 so yeah i dont know how much cheaper the room you have now is though... just it might be a good idea to take into account the travel costs :) Yeah my sister and I made that mistake way back last february at ET3. Taxis late at night to the town centre cost us £25 each night!