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  1. Sarah_Cullen

    Latest Guest Announcement - TONI TRUCKS

    I thought the same, but I'm thinking she looks like a famous singer, maybe like R&B singer. Anywhoo, I'm sure Toni will be lovely and we'll see her in October!
  2. Sarah_Cullen

    Daniel Cudmore talks/encounters

    Hi, It's not a very interesting story, but it might make you smile! When my boyfriend went to get his photo taken with Daniel at ET5, he took my Wispa bar with him (the Wispa started as a Cadburys Spots V Stripes joke on Twitter, and has escalated to have it's own Facebook page) and when Daniel read that it was called a Wispa he said (whispering) "do you have to eat it quietly" we all started laughing, but he was a really good sport and had his picture taken! :-) Sorry it's not very interesting and might not be what you are looking for, but I hope it might help! :-) xxx Ps if you find "Lanzarote Wispa" on facebook, you are welcome to use the photo of Daniel with the Wispa (I cropped my boyfriend out, so it looks better!
  3. You do take great pictures Giles! We have ET3, 4 and 5 pictures from you at home now!! :-) thank you for being a great added bonus to the cons!
  4. Sarah_Cullen

    Danial Cudmore and the Wispa

    Yes!! Hee hee. John is a cheeky hit at times! Lol xxx
  5. Sarah_Cullen

    some things i feel we need to share with the fans

    All of this is awful! :-( I don't know if this information is of any help to you (if you have spoken to the Hilton then you might already know anyway), but each Exec bedroom is obviously allowed access to the exec room, but you are only allowed to sign in 1 guest per each exec room. We are Hilton Honours members and have dealt with exec rooms/bedrooms from other non-con stays anyway, and have done this for every ET we have been to, and the increase in con guests in the exec room was immense. ET3 there were about 2 other couple we spotted in there, ET4 there were probably twice that, then this one was crazy, we hardly ever got a seat and the staff were running out of drinks and food so fast (we have never seen that before). Potentially, the Hilton could make sure the desk has a member of staff at the entrance desk at all times during the con weekend (we used to see one more regularly than we did this time) as it isn't just a benefit to Showmasters, it is a benefit to the Hilton as other non-con guests also experienced lack of seating therefore losing faith in the hotel, plus it would save them running out of drinks, etc. As I now know to look out for it, I will try to at ET6, but this time I just assumed a larger number of con guests had booked exec bedrooms.
  6. Sarah_Cullen

    Danial Cudmore and the Wispa

    Hi Guys, If any of you were in the room when my boyfriend had his picture taken with Daniel Cudmore, and remember the random Wispa bar, and Daniel being surprised and impressed that the Wispa had a facebook page, if you would like to add him to your friends list, just search for "Lanzarote Wispa" he is the only one, and currently has Daniel as his facebook photo! All friends welcome, particularly those who like a joke and like a bit of randomness! :-) xxx
  7. Sarah_Cullen

    Petting Zoo

    As most of my comments have been deleted (including my nice ones). I just want to say thank you again to anyone/everyone who supported me (whether by setting the story straight so I was no longer concerned, or those who felt the same concerns and spoke up for me.) I will try not to express any future concerns on here, but approach a member of staff at the time (to those I recognise, I will see you at ET6, but hopefully with only praise as normal, not concerns) xxx
  8. Sarah_Cullen

    Petting Zoo

    Thats brilliant! I love hearing happy stories like that, it's wonderful that unwanted and unloved animals get rehomed, my charity money gets spread around between LACS, CRUK, WWF and RSPCA, so as you can imagine, I adore happy endings! xxx
  9. Sarah_Cullen

    Got my ticket......

    We are silver 2, 3 and 4! Xxx
  10. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    You're not alone. All of us are here! Juliette I think I'm S57??? Though I have been known to be wrong on occasion. Sarah I know she is. Agreed! You wont be on your own with us freaking awesome people!! :-) lol We are S45, 46 and 47! xxx
  11. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    I live near Basingstoke in Hampshire, but I'm a Wiltshire girl at heart! Woo!! Sam rocks, love her to bits!!
  12. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    aww!! Don't be disappointed, I can already see we are a fab bunch! here are some great things that begin with 'F' to make you feel happier! Food Family Friends Fridays (start of the weekend!) Facebook Fun Frogs (they can be very cute! Lol) Flowers Fudge Flapjack Fruit (healthy and good for you!) Fluffy Animals Freebies Fanciable People Plus many others! Lol helloooooooooo and welcome!!
  13. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    Lucky you! Actually quite jealous now! You don't really gain much, just the chance of swimming and meeting friends as they arrive throughout the day on Friday! Hello to you all!!
  14. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    Only one for us, we are staying at the Hilton tomorrow night as well!! Very excited!
  15. Sarah_Cullen

    Group F!

    Woohoo!! Welcome!