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  1. Why does a lunch FAQ sound good?
  2. Me either! Really looking forward to it!
  3. A week to go until LFCC! It's looking to be the best event I've attended (crewed) and I can't wait. Raise your hand if you're going & feel free to introduce yourself. Look forward to seeing you all there!
  4. What is this? a convention for ants!? It needs to be at least...THREE times bigger!
  5. Im not sure if you're still following the Forum Peter, but if you are... Hey! Anyways, I was the Assistant for Kristanna Loken on Friday and sitting a couple of seats away was Peter. He seemed cool from the offset but as the hours went by, JJ bought him some beers & everyone settled in, he got even cooler. Being a stunt double & working on some great films, he sounded like he had a lot of brilliant stories to tell, I wish I could've heard them all! After that, whenever I saw Peter around the convention, he would say hi to me, shake my hand or at least acknowledge me. He seemed really relaxed & pretty much always happy to be around us. As a guest I didn't know too much about except for "Terminator Stunt Double" before the con started, I've left feeling like I know a lot more about such an awesome guy.
  6. Sorry? I'm pretty sure she had a flight to catch to Switzerland, I remember her telling me when I was her GA on Friday.
  7. That would be Lisa. She's on the Forums somewhere, I'm sure she'll see this! I think that might be the same person who was managing the chaos around the Max Grodenchik / Salome Jens / Andrew Robinson shoots which all came in quick succession and then the Alexander Siddig reschedule. Thought her badge said Liza but could be wrong. Kept the groups waiting for each person well organised and separated, answered all queries quickly, got everyone quickly into position when it was time and by doing so just made sure it all went rather well. I'm well experienced in these events and have almost never had an issue with the crew and recognise most by now and even know a few to chat to but while I feel bad picking out just one when so many did a good job, she stood out for me as things could easily have got chaotic and out of hand around that time with so much going on. Actually, Liza sounds more like it, because that's how everyone was pronouncing it! I never looked her name badge & I was working with her all day! (SORRY LIZA)
  8. I'm not sure, I may have actually gone over 10!
  9. There is a crew section on the Forums, it tells you exactly how you can become one should you wish to! That would be Lisa. She's on the Forums somewhere, I'm sure she'll see this!
  10. Last week on Impact Wrestling (TNA), after having lost the X-Division Championship to Austin Aries just a week before, Chris Sabin to win the title back, in a triple threat that saw him against the then champ Aries, and Manic (formerly Suicide). Manic was taken out during the match by Aces & Eights, but in the end, Sabin hit Aries with his finisher from the top rope, thus winning the title back. This means now, that Aries is allowed to cash in the X-Division title at Ultimate X for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, in a match against Bully Ray. Personally, I think he'll take the match, but not win it. You?
  11. Bringing this section back to life (Hopefully), if people are going to contribute. This weeks episode of Raw was bloody awesome. The matches were mainly all high calibre, Sheamus vs Bryan, Christian vs Kane & Orton vs Punk. The Wyatt Family debut was long awaited and worked perfectly.
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