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  1. That sounds awesome! Big fan of Dexter, please dress up and we will pester you for a photo! Me and my best mate will be an anna and elsa duo :-)
  2. Oooo, I can get my Roget Rabbit animation cel signed!!!!!! Yay, voice actors!!!!!!
  3. My best mate and I have just booked the overflow hotel just in case *my* Hiro is anounced
  4. I miss these happy days alot. Hope everyone is doing well! *hugs and kisses to all* I've nearly finished my degree - I'll be a qualified dental technician soon.
  5. My list ****Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water**** Evangelion Spirited Away Totoro Cat Returns Giant Robo Venus Wars Bubblegum Crisis Gunbuster Mermaid Forest Lum Ranma A-ko
  6. I quite agree! My friend has an Asuka costume and I've got a couple of cels from this. Looking forward to the new movies due out later this year. And I've just started reading Angelic Days. I really hope Kensuke gets to pilot an Eva one day.
  7. Ooo, I'm a big fan! My favourites are Spirited Away, Totoro and the Cat Returns. The last one is great fun! I'm adicted to Catbus from Totoro. So much so that I saved up for a cel of him. It's the gem of my animation art collection
  8. Ray's my boy! It was a great week for him, which is good cuz I thought he was a gonna for sure! Hope he make's it to the final because I won't have a reason to watch otherwise. At this point, the last thing you want to do is *win* the X Factor. Then you get tied to a Simon/Sharon/Louis contract and don't get pushed cuz it's the show that makes money, not the artist. Better to come 3rd and make your own way now that you've had exposure. That what I think. Go Ray! Go Ray! Go Ray!
  9. I loved it!!!!!! I enjoyed singing along as I walked past.
  10. Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're still thinking of you! And thank you for my xmas presents! *tring hug* Kerrie and I have stuff to send you (I think Kerrie will get around to it before I do! sorry) Dental assignment may have eaten my life but I do still love all of my friends I'll book some time off so we can do a proper meet up! Miss you loads
  11. I'm back off me hols now!!! Had fab time. And I owe some txts and stuff to people, so expect me to be in touch soon. NickW *holiday huggles* Now is a good time to call me. Any evening really. I've finished my asignments for the moment and so is available for chats. Me will txt you me new land line Oh and if anyone else wants it - just txt me. Heehee Kerrie's planning a blue costume as well. Hope it's not the same one. Although Kerrie's character wouldn't really work in a group, so it prob'ly isn't. Nick, I must confess, I think I know who you're dressing up as...and I'm only happy to help...as long as I can be Brainy, cuz he's my favourite smurf!
  12. NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're here!!!!!! And Lady of the Realm!!!!!!!!!! Missing you already! Sorry we had to scarper on the Sunday. Love you both *hugs*
  13. Rickman, you've so inspired me! I *am* gunna do that Dwain Dibbly costume!!!! I can even make the denture for meself now Being a dental technician can come in handy!
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