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  1. I've been to many different events over the years be it to do with film, sports, music, etc and I must say the guests that SM do put us into contact with are usually always the best. Each organiser brings different positives to their events and the styles. I go to the SM events because of the guests they bring (just remember this time round you are still getting 2 Heroes guests, a rare Buffy guest and a little something for everybody in terms of horror and comedy guests too). And I will go to a certain other event because of the vast amount of stalls and activities to do throughout a weekend. I will admit the lineup is a little "thin" compared to past events. Just last night I was reading through an old magazine and it had an advert for the first Manchester event, the lineup was huge! But that doesn't mean there isn't any quality there. Hell, I'm only going to meet like 2 people but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the day :) And yes some guests do come online to these forums, Kenny Baker is usually always on here so has probably seen the "sleeping Kenny" tribute thread from Midlands When a lineup usually doesn't have lots of guests I want to meet, something I try to do is get friends to come along who DO have people attending they would like to meet, but have never been to an event before. It's always fun showing them round telling them about everything sound like a "know it all" But anyways I'm waffling on. Got to go shower and get ready to drive to Manchester. I'm just gutted DavidB isn't there to compliment guests for me
  2. kenny is a legend. should be president or something. or even king. king kenny. awesome.
  3. she was in X-Men 3 as part of Magnetos brotherhood. she had purple highlights and walked through the wall near the end to surprise Dr Worthington....i think
  4. wasnt he also in gladiator? legend of a film. try checking his website
  5. Well I might as well throw some sort of selection box up seeing as its almost Christmas... I was about to upload a 3rd picture but i realised it was taken at another event and i know how much all these companies rant against each other. tis like a warzone. or business as some would say. hope to see some of you there as at this rate im driving down there alone J.
  6. It's important for any business to try and expand its boundaries. But from what I saw in Manchester over the weekend, speaking to fans, guests and dealers, there is just too much going on at the moment for anyone to make good business. At one point during Sunday it was that quiet I think all but James Marsters had gone on lunch! Alot of people have spent hard earned money on upcoming and already announced events like Eclipse and Lockdown that it wouldnt warrant spending anymore to go to Manchester really. I went personally to get some long awaited Red Dwarf autographs for my collection and to meet Malcolm but other than that it was a very quiet weekend for all. Did anyone notice how empty it was from stalls/dealers? Namely the large area in between the photo shoot/talks area. And of course theyre killing competition. 2 companies if you ask me
  7. Only met 4 peeps today and got photos with 3 of them. Got to go back tomorrow to get McDowell's auto on my Heroes poster. I couldn't believe Adrian had an Open Q! Madness! Peter Mayhew was abit ignorant, but Kenny Baker more than made up for it. Had a good 20 minute conversation with the legend. Craig Charles was drinking something that I now want because he was well hyper! Chris Barrie was a true gentleman and I got in trouble for asking for his website details? Oh well. Weren't as many stalls as the last one, did anyone get an empty feeling? Maybe its the calm before the storm that will be James Marsters' fan base tomorrow! Anyways enough ranting heres my 3 of the day hopefully more tomorrow Enjoy! J.
  8. theres too many events to spend money on now though. i try to get as many as i can right now but costs of travel and accomodation are going to rack up the more events that are announced
  9. LOL I wouldn't put it past some guys... And yes, I do! Two, actually. A red one and a blue one. And I hope your going to have those 2 on show over the weekend?
  10. This means I can FINALLY get his signature on my trilogy poster....so long as there is enough funds in the bank after MK just gone by
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