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  1. Yes, just join the pay on the day Early Bird queue. Not the pre-paid Early Bird queue. You will need to hand over your existing ticket when you pay for the Early Bird.
  2. To clarify for the OP of this thread - those signs are normally there at the request of the agent and/or guest. Please respect them. By ignoring them you are effectively insulting the guest (plus the other attendees in the queue), and will just create an awkward situation between you and the guest. If the sign says no posed photo then it is okay to take a candid photo, ie of them signing. It is not okay to ask them to pose either, with you, or holding your autographed item etc If the sign says no photos then you are not allowed to take any photos of the guest. There are many reasons why the signs may be in place and the specific reason for that guest are not always made aware to attendees, quite often for personal reasons (bad back, aversion to flashes, etc) on the part of the guest. It is that simple, and the signs should be obeyed and respected by ALL attendees.
  3. Plus the cash machines at the venue normally run out quite quickly.
  4. Guests can be announced at any point up until an event. Even the day before.
  5. It depends on the day, but I suspect it would be unlikely due to her being very busy. Her last appearance was no posed photos. You could take a candid photo if her though.
  6. No, sorry. She can't join you in the priority queuing with a normal ticket. You would have to wait with her to have a photo together.
  7. You would require a Gold ticket each and a photo shoot ticket each, for each guest you want a photo with.
  8. moving to another day can only be confirmed in the day. The photo shoot sessions run to a schedule. The timings are based on how many tickets are allocated for that guest. If they sell out then there won't be any time for extras. If they don't sell out then it's possible. Exchanging for a newly announced double shoot has been allowed in the past but not always. That's something only SM can confirm.
  9. clashes do and will happen. The shows have been running a long time and the crew are well equipped to help out where possible. I'm not aware if anyone missing out because of a clash. I strongly suggest that people purchase in advance. The queues on the day for sales are very large. The tickets can sell out on the day and before the event.
  10. He has been before. As with many potential guests, he may well have been asked and simply been unavailable. SM will not comment on who they have approached (even unsuccessfully) or are in negotiations with. Only when an appearance has been confirmed/signed wi we find out with an guest announcement.
  11. Link found. https://starwars.com/news/the-legendary-star-wars-expanded-universe-turns-a-new-page.html This is why Chewbacca is alive. He never died, officially.
  12. You can try emailing info@collectormania.com but they are non-refundable.
  13. Correct. Sorry, I read screening as the ordinary panel...it's been a long day.
  14. For the GoT screening, it indicates where you're seated as it was first come first serve I believe, so I imagine you're right at the front? Thank you for explaining! Looks like we will have good seats :) Very excited!Not right at the front. The first few rows are reserved for Gold Pass holders.
  15. I do not look like a Stargate.
  16. Personally I've done 9 on a regular basis. Others have done more. If they clash you to to the earlier or shorter shoot time wise and explain to the crew. They will try and get you through as soon as possible. Edit: I type slow!
  17. Maybe, if he did attend, Peter could spend the whole event sat in the cab and talk to people.
  18. I think DavidB secretly invented it as a means to take over the world
  19. Missing them implies there are none. There will be. http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/talks
  20. He may not be doing a photo shoot. Not every guest does. Normally if they are it is listed in the announcement post. However sometimes it can be added at a later date.
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