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  1. when the themes would be announced? and how much themed parties? 2 or 3? I'm confused
  2. LYVIE

    Thistle Hotel!

    I've just called the hotel, the lady said £120 is the good price without the breakfast for an advance booking, it means that our money has been taken already but she certified we wouldn't have to pay a charge except if we want to have breakfast which is normal. Hope it helps a few people in the same situation who booked online for that rate.
  3. LYVIE

    Thistle Hotel!

    I exactly had the same feeling when I booked with my friend yesterday 'cause I thought it was really cheap! I was going to phone or email them today but my confirmation clearly says for 3 nights! I just panic they charge us when we get there, it'd be not fair but I'm "glad" to see I'm not the only one with this price so it sounds kinda normal? lol well, I don't know?
  4. yes me too I doubt for many reasons but not sure David would agree to do a Buffy Convention anyway YES PLEASE JAMES!!!
  5. yes, it would be great! I missed her in Glasgow + I need my OMWF CD to get signed by her too! lol
  6. Any chance that Rose is doing a Showmasters Event 1 day??? I need to meet her!!!
  7. I'd LOVE to meet him again! not sure he does still make Conventions yet but he'd be a GREAT guest!!!
  8. I'm coming for James Marsters but gonna meet Jason Momoa & Kristine Sutherland too, maybe more, waiting for the new announcements...
  9. I think my tickets have arrived, just need to collect them at the post office now!
  10. I wonder if Kristine Sutherland would be there on the Saturday?
  11. I won't start a topic for this but when would we know what days the guests appear at the Event?
  12. OK thanks,hope I'll find 'cause I don't remember I noticed a Pre-Praid queue at the LFCC,everybody just seem to queue at the same place it's not easy I'm very stressed!!!
  13. me too I'm a bit worried 'cause there's only 1 week left until my departure & I live in France so it's even worst! I also bought an early ticket for the Sunday, I know I can bring my confirmation email but I don't want to queue with people who don't have a ticket 'cause I'll lose time & that's why I bought a ticket in advance. It's quite stressful! Hope tickets arrive soon!
  14. AH OK I see. Yeh I know public transport is probably cheaper although I try to take the most infos possible before I get there; the website of the Manchester airport is very usefull but if you guys know what is the best way (faster, cheaper...) to get to Gmex, don't hesitate to post here so you'd help us to find our road. Thanks Psychosis for your quick answer by the way :)
  15. awesome!!! I never met Kristine, I just think I'm going to ruin me at Gmex now!!! LOL!!
  16. just by curiosity because I'd maybe consider a taxi for the transfert too,how much does it cost from the airport to Gmex? it'd be really grateful if you can tell me approx. or you can PM me if you don't want to write it on the board. Thank you. :) LYVIE
  18. I did the right thing to keep my fingers crossed yesterday night 'cause my photos have arrived today so yay!
  19. I know we have to be patient although it's very hard to not be worried about pictures we didn't get,the identification has been posted on the forum 2 weeks ago & mostly people emailed Showmasters immediately - I didn't know I'd wait so long to get mine honestly,I hope they'd arrive tomorrow or Saturday fingers crossed.
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