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  1. hmmmz, I don't think that's legally defendable in every case, specially when it's an important part of what you buy (Gold Tickets only having a few extras with groupshot being a mayor one) If an online bicycle store would say "details may vary, this does not qualify you for a refund" and they deliver only a frame instead of the full bike you ordered... They do have that covered in the T&C but it will still be ruled false advertising, see what I mean? T&C like these would allow Showmasters to, for example, promise guests, shoots, autographs... and then only provide a Halloweenball, call it hallowhedon and keep the money for the tickets. That's where customer protection laws come in, a canceled guest is bad, but defendable since it's probably not showmasters fault. Advertising a mayor unique selling point (i.e. groupshoot) for a certain ticket (i.e. gold) and knowingly not providing it is not. What I'm trying to say is that the things T&C can "cover your ass for" (sorry, non-native lacking the vocabulary to say it propperly) is limited by laws protecting costumers from bait & switch (or bait and leave out in this case even) practices. If you're not going to provide it, you're not allowed to advertise it, the legal and apropriate thing for SM to do here would be to clearly advertise that there was a mistake in putting up the program contents, stating groups shots are NOT included, send out a mailing to everyone who purchased gold to notify them, give refunds where requested and make sure everyone who's assuming it's still part of the program (for example those who read the website before, saved up money and then bought it without re-reading) know the contents have changed from that what was advertised via popup or highlighted text before completing the order. Not only would that make the whole thing legal and keep them safe from being sued... It would also be a decent thing to do towards the customers (customer=king) and make for a better image of the company p2p publicity being the most effective kind, specially in close (online fan) comunities. </ law-geeking out >
  2. Yes indeed, If you promise something and people buy it in the assumption that they will get it and you do not[/] specifically and clearly advertise (like you do for guest cancelations) that removing that event doesn't qualify you for a refund.... then people are legally entitled to a refund on grounds of not delivering the agreed goods/services.
  3. Randomness; plane to LA turns out to leave 30 minutes before mine... from the same terminal, I'm a bit early... do the math (and yes I only found out about that when I checked the departure times cause I thought I almost bumped into james leary
  4. lol look at sneaky me having sneaked into the pic
  5. It's done manually. The shop only holder the card details. Someone then charges your card. When did you place the order? about a week ago
  6. Does anyone know how long it takes till the photoshoot and tickets are charged on your creditcard. I'm a bit worried cause it's not charged yet.
  7. never watched Angel *blush* in what episode did one little word ("yours") make (nearly) everybody go; *swoooon* how cute!
  8. If Idina was announced to be somewhere Hallowhedon-y you'd hear me yelling, screaming and partying all the way from Amsterdam here... But that won't happen LoL she's not whedonesh is she ;-) Maybe K's Choice (doppelgangerland) though anyone ever wondered if it was coincidence that they had a gay singer on the first ep where Willow mentions her "kinda gay" thing? Also funny thing that Willow appearantly has a prettygood gaydar cause VampWillow, not really gay-ish to me *ok, I'm totally going ot here Lol*
  9. I think twice, first time in Superstar where Anya uses it as an example for an alternate dimention and again in Triangle where Anya mentions it after sending her ex-trollfriend to an alternate dimention. Tara replies to that with "there's a world without shrimp? :)" and then almost apologetic; "I'm allergic" not sure if I got that right so I'll hold the question till I'm sure
  10. Glinda and Elphie are sooooo cool. A friend and me are gonnabe them for a fancy dress musical party next year LoL I say go for it
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