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  1. TOM WELLING because we need Smallville guests ! SAMANTHA SMITH because we need Supernatural guests !
  2. I'm so tempted to buy Neve's talk but I'm worried it's gonna be at the same time as my photoshoot with Sigourney, I don't know what to do
  3. The topic has been moved, so keep it quiet
  4. say this to everybody, not only me.
  5. PLEASE SHOWMASTERS !!!!!!!!! who wants to meet Rose McGowan too???? along with Neve Campbell for a Scream reunion?
  6. Any chance to get more guests at the end of the month or 1 week before the Event? Because yes big names for many of you but personally I'd like to see more horror guests!!!!!
  7. me too I have this black & white Scream pic & yes I want to see Rose McGowan too!!! We are asking for her for years! Please HEAR US!!!
  8. just saying that it would be nice to add Matt Davis along with Jodi for The Vampire Diaries fans!!! They were a couple in last season (6) & I want to meet him again. Who's with me???
  9. Approximately a week, yes. Sometimes it might be 10 days, other times 4 days, but in that sort of area. THANKS!
  10. Hello, Do you post the photoshoots schedule 1 week before the Event? Thanks for your reply.
  11. I would like to see some Buffy guests too! Especially Eliza Dushku & James Marsters
  12. I met her too, she's adorable!
  13. Rose McGowan is a rare guest, could you please make our Christmas a little earlier this year by announcing her ?
  14. I do pray for Rose to be announced at EMS, but if she is not a guest, I hope Showmasters will put her name in consideration for 2013
  15. France for me I'm glad you posted this topic as I know many people want to meet her & she's a great guest too ! Very kind & friendly and she's doing Conventions now so PLEASE Showmasters GET HER ! She could join the Elevan's sisters for a Grindhouse-Planet Terror panel !! & she is a Halliwell too so Charmed fans will be there too !
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