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  1. He was in good form when I met him fairly early on. I got a smile and he seemed well.
  2. Alas, I did not get the chance to meet him. Got VQ ticket 151 by arriving at 8,15am. He was on 1-100 around 3pm when he was due to leave for an hour for his talk. The crew member said it was unlikely I would see him as he also had a photo shoot to do. I'm pleased those who did meet him enjoyed the experience, I will try again next time.
  3. Hoping for news on Michael Lonsdale......
  4. Paul.W


    I'd have to agree with this...it's like the polar opposite of LFCCC. I know it's always been a quieter, more specific show, but to be at the point where regulars SM attendees have no reason to attend, well... I agree too, i love and appreciate the fact that it's a different type of event from other shows, but I can't help but feel there's very little imagination gone into the line up. I think the show is very weak on the TV/Film stars side. No headliners and unless you are interested in space/aviation then there is little of interest. Yes, there is time for a special announcement to improve things - let's hope so.
  5. Paul.W


    Agreed, it would be great to see some film/tv guests. Maybe a Hollywood Legend or two....
  6. Clare is in theatre at the moment, at the Old Vic until 24 May. The play started in March, she is very nice so if you can get to London in the next week you will be able to meet her.
  7. Such a shame...but not unexpected. Ms Corri is somewhat reclusive and is very rarely seen in public these days. The cancellation of Hannah Gordon earlier his year means that unfortunately I will not be attending this one. Disappointing as I had been looking forward to the event. I too wish the best of health to Ms Corri.
  8. Such a shame. This cancellation, together with Roy Dotrice moving to Sunday, means that two out of the three guests I was planning to meet will no longer be there on Saturday. I hope Miss Corri is well and hope to meet her in London.
  9. Wow, a great guest. A superb addition to the list of actors I have met from Dr Zhivago. I am looking forward to meeting Ms Corri.
  10. I too would like to meet the above mentioned. But they would be extremely unlikely, (Perkins has been dead for 20 years btw). Max Von Sydow or Claudia Cardinale may be possible - no chance for the others.
  11. What about the film "leap of faith" and a certain Steve Martin or Debra Winger? Would certainly be a crowd-puller! I did think about Felix Baumgartner, but I'm not sure that he would qualify for such a special announcement.
  12. Very sad indeed. I met Mr Winner at the BFI last autumn and he generously signed for me and a few other collectors. He looked frail but was in good spirits - I was hoping to see him "in conversation" at the cinema museum in November but his condition had worsened and he cancelled. A true maverick...never a dull moment and a great loss.
  13. I really enjoyed today's show. It was fantastic meeting a legend like Martin Landau - a really nice guy who seemed to be enjoying himself. I also met Catherine Schell and Corinne Clery - both really friendly. It was lovely to go to an event without horrendous queues and it seemed very relaxed. The crew members were enthusiastic and friendly. Only quibble - did a lot of people get in for free? There was no-one checking passes on the door and my wristband was only asked for one. Thanks a lot guys for a great day - looking forward to next time!
  14. Agreed, a great guest. He signed for me recently at the stage door at Wyndhams's theatre after his play "The King's Speech". A genuine gentleman who has had a fantastic career.
  15. I'd love to see Piper Laurie. A great guest who has attended signing shows in the states and has a book to promote. A true "A lister" from Hollywood's Golden Age!
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