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  1. Can you confirm why the costume photo shoot has been cancelled? Only reason I was attending so disappointed!
  2. Would love to see Fairuza Balk, Pons Maar at a future comic con. Also some more nightmare on elm street guests like Heather Langenkamp, Mark Patton and Lisa Wilcox.
  3. I agree with the above, Amanda was a great guest! So friendly and happy have a lengthy chat. Would love to see her again at another con along with Robert and Heather Langenkamp.
  4. Hi, Just want to confirm as no autographs took place on the Sunday with Robert Englund for the fans that chose the option to use the diamond pass as day entry to another showmasters event (Sheffield & Glasgow coming up) and an autograph with Robert showing the pass will be accepted without any issues? Just concerned that I may have a problem and get refused. Thanks
  5. Thanks guys didn't know that site, will keep an eye out for when they are uploaded.
  6. Where do you find the photos and how do you buy the digital copy? Cheers
  7. Thanks all, had a panic moment as forgotten to print them off but have them all in phone. Cheers
  8. Hi, apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, can anyone confirm if I can gain entry and pick up my diamond pass by using my eventbrite electronic tickets in passbook on my iPhone or do I need to physically print off the tickets? They do have a barcode on them in passbook. Many thanks
  9. Gutted, first train of the day is 8:20 and don't get to LFCC until around 11:30 so will miss the talk! At least the make-up photo shoot is later in the day so should be good for that.
  10. Thank you both for the reply, I have received an email now from SM to confirm I should collect on the day. Just hoping that the photo shoot does not start before I am able to get to the event around 11:30 as it is the earliest I can arrive on the same day on the first train that was available 😁
  11. Apologies if answers to my questions have been answered elsewhere as I have only just logged in after around 12 months and am not familiar. I still haven't received my diamond pass yet and do not seem to get a response from SM via email. Has anyone else received theirs through the post yet? Also has any times been advised for this on the Sunday? Much appreciated any assistance as this is my first LFCC. Thanks
  12. How about a nightmare on elm street cast reunion or stars from any of the nightmare movies. Fairuza Balk would love to meet her or stars from Dexter :)
  13. Cool fella was just stating my experience on a different thread no reflection on SM just gutted they were so late as missed a photo shoot i wanted as i presumed it would be on time and in the end as i decided to wait missed it
  14. Of course they are aloud breaks this post isnt about that it was more the scheduled time SM had quoted for buses free or not. I would gladly pay so not about the "free" turning up an hour late?
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